chapter 10.

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I just ran through all the hallways leaving everything behind. My eyes were following the floor. I reached the dorm and my room.

Quickly I opened the door and entered the room. I let myself plump onto the bed. My body bounced up and down and I let out a huge sigh.

My body felt heavy and I leaned back. Now I was laying down. My eyes focused on the ceiling. Without realizing it I fell asleep.

- Next morning -

The alarm woke me up harshly. I got up and looked at the mirror. My eyes widened and I almost fell onto the floor.

Is that even me?

I quickly ran into the bathroom and showered. After I came out I watched myself again. My face was really puffy and I had dark eyebags.

Since I don't really use make-up I had to come up with another solution.

- Time skip -

I stepped out the room and made my way to the practice room. Today I had to teach the class A again. I sighed and opened the door.

"Good morning!" I muffled. Why? I wore a mask and a hat. Nobody could see my face nor they could really understand me well.

They stared at me and realized a few seconds later to greet me back.

Accidentally I looked at Xukun. Somehow I got nervous and looked away quickly. I even started to stutter. "Sh-Shall we.. begin?"

Everyone was nodding and I started my lesson after some warm-up. The guys behaved and followed my moves. They seem to get better everyday.

After the first try was done and I didn't see that many mistakes I praised them. "Woah! You're getting better! You can take a 2-minute break now."

The atmosphere got brighter and I smiled through my mask. They took a break so I did myself. I drank a little bit water and looked at the papers which moves we had to make.

After some time I began to notice steps coming closer to me. "Y/N?"

I turned around and saw Xukun. Not sure how to react I stuttered. "A-Ah! Xukun? What's the matter?"

He reached his hands out to my face. Better said: to my mask.

I took some steps back do prevent him from taking the mask off. "What are you doing?"

Xukun came closer. "I have to ask you that! Why are you hiding your beautiful face!"


My eyes widened as he was only an inch away from my mask. I grabbed his arms and begged him. "P-Please don't take it off."

In his eyes, I could read confusion. "Y/N.. you're beautiful as always. No matter what happens."

My face became hot and I felt my cheeks burning up. He used it as an advantage as I let my guard down to snatch the mask away. He was the first person to reveal my puffy face.

Quickly I covered it with both hands. No use. He grabbed my wrists and took my hands away. Then he broke up into laughters causing some attention on us.

I punched his shoulder and his back. "I said don't take it off!"

He wiped his laughter tears away and spoke up. "I'm sorry but- I never saw a girl with such dark circles."

I pouted. "You're mean."

He looked up to me and got up from the floor. Slowly I had to look up since he was tall.

His hands cupped my cheeks. "You're stunning. Even like this. I can't even believe that."

I started to blush again and I saw him smiling. The moment felt like it lasted forever. But we got interrupted by someone clearing their throat.

"How is practice going?" I saw Yixing talking.

I smiled sarcastically and turned my whole body to him. "Great. If you would excuse us." I pointed at the door.

He smirked and came closer. Then he grabbed my wrist and put it down. His face came closer to my ear and he whispered. "I warned you, didn't I?"



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