Chapter 1

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Chloe's P.O.V.

"Boo." Jumping up, I turn and see my best friend, Loo.  

"What are you doing here?" I ask her as I scan her up and down. She looks really good, not that I am surprise, she could even make a bag look great unlike me.

"I am going out with Mike and I decided to bring you lunch." She says lifting up a bag and showing me. 

"Thanks." I say and smile as I grab the bag. 

"At what time are you out?" 

"At five, why?" 

"Just wanted to know. I am going to have to cancel for tomorrow, I am going out for the weekend with Mike and his friends." I nod.

"That's fine." I say, but it's not. She's always cancelling and when she's not, I always feel like a third wheel and I hate it. But she's the only person I have and I love her. Thirteen years of friendship does that to you.

"Okay, well, I have to go, Mike is outside waiting for me. I love you." She says smiling and hugging me tightly.

"I love you, too. Be careful." I whisper. She grins at me and then waves goodbye. Breathing out, I take my lunch and shove it inside my locker before going back to the front of the store and fixing what I was fixing. 

I hear giggling when the front door opens of the clothing store, but I don't turn around to see who entered. 

"Hi, where are the crop tops?" I hear from behind making me turn to see a very short, light eyed beautiful girl. She was totally my type in looks, at least. Blinking a few times, I lift my hand and point to the section where we had the tops she was asking for. She smiles big at me, her eyes twinkling making me all types of nervous. 

"She so cute." She gushes as she stares at me and tells the girl beside her.

"You scared her, leave her alone. Thank you." The girl beside her says dragging the short cutie away from me. I stay put as I slowly start to do my job again kind of nervously. 

I kept glancing up every few seconds as I continued hearing giggles and whispering. I couldn't help it. It wasn't just the giggling and whispering. The girl was all types of beautiful. She was so out of my league it made my heart sink at the reality. 

Hearing a 'psss' a few times from the left side, I glance up to see the girl staring at me, a bag in hand. She winks at me and then gets pulled away. I swallow hard, trying to get the fact that she might have been flirting? with me.

I don't get the girl's image erased from my head for hours that day, not even after laying in bed at three in the morning. I wish I knew her name or something., but then again, I am the shyest thing in the world, it sucks to no end. 

Tossing again, I lay on my left and check the time for the hundredth time. I was exhausted, but the cute girl kept appearing in my thoughts making it impossible to fall asleep, not that that's anything new, having insomnia on top of a hundred other things is not new to me either.

Yawning, I stretch and then throw my phone to my side. 

"That girl is to much for you, Chloe, you won't even see her again. Just go to sleep already." I mutter to myself. Groaning, I put a pillow over my head and yawn again before letting the tiredness I have take over me. 

First try at a GxG story. Hopefully I won't disappoint you all. I have been at this for the longest. Writing a girl story seems so impossible for me, I have no idea why. Being bisexual should help do it, right? But it's not. -.- Anyway, let me know what you all think. Like? Dislike? Hate? What would you like to see?

What do you like in a girl? Quirks? Looks? Personality?

Updates are going to be sporadic because I have A LOT of things to update and finish, but it will most likely be paired up with my other story, 'A love like whoa' updates. I won't probably start writing it until September(mid month?) because I plan to finish a lot of my other stories now in August and beginning of September. 

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