chapter 9.

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He reached out for my hand. "Don't go, Y/N."

I tilted my head and slowly released my hand from his. His expression showed me disappointment.

"What are you talking about?" I laughed it off. "It's only dinner between me and a friend."

He became serious and stood up. "What I want to say is.. he is thinking differently about you."

Confusion welled up more and more inside of me. I had many questions and I saw him walking away. Quickly I stood up and grabbed his arm. I looked up to him since he was taller.

"What are you talking about?" I asked him.

"You'll soon see what I mean. Very soon." My grip became weaker and slowly released him.

*Author POV*

Xukun just drank water and looked around searching for her. But he saw something he didn't want to see. It was you clinging onto Yixing.

His expression became darker. He experienced a very strong feeling he can't explain. It was Jealousy.

It stabbed his heart. He clenched his fist and placed it onto his heart. He couldn't see anything more than you with him. He couldn't hear anything.

Until someone roughly shook him and he came back to sense. It was Jackson.

"Hey! I talked to you all this time. Why aren't you listening?" Jackson seemed mad and he glanced over to where Xukun was looking all the time.

His eyes widened because he understood what this situation is about and it wasn't good at all.

"I have to talk to you." He grabbed Xukun's arm and dragged him to the hallways.

The hallways where quiet and nobody was there. Jackson shoves him to the wall.

"Tell me honestly what you think about her."

He looked confused and answered. "W-What do you mean? She's my friend."

Jackson laughed sarcastically. "I know how you think about her so please don't lie. I'm here to tell you to stop whatever you're trying to do." He paused and sighed. "You have to debut. There is no place for her. You're gonna hurt her and your reputation!"

Jackson slowly became louder and Xukun stood there in disbelief. His expression became sad.

Xukun started to shout. "Tell me how to stop these feelings! I can't stand seeing her with other guys. She's the only one on my mind! I don't want to see her hurt and I want her to rely and only look at me! How should I stop! Tell me!"

Jackson became quiet as he saw how Xukun's feelings grew. He came closer to Xukun and grabbed his shoulders. "Avoid her. You have to ignore her. I think she found someone who suits her better."

It felt like someone just ripped his heart out. Xukun looked up to Jackson. His eyes didn't show sadness anymore. He was hella mad.

"What do you mean by that?"

Jackson shrugged. "Find out for yourself. I know that you aren't the only one who laid his eyes on her."

Jackson gave him a soft punch on Xukun's chest and walked to the back of the stage.


I sat there and did nothing. My eyes focused only on the floor thinking about what Yixing meant by that. Someone placed their hand on my shoulder gently.

I looked up and saw Qin Fen. He started to talk as he sat down next to me. "Are you thinking about something?"

The only thing I could do is putting on a fake smile. "Ah.. no. Why are you here?"

He sighed and talked. "Y/N you're like a sister to me and I know that there's something on your mind. Talk to me about it."

My voice got louder. "It's nothing really!"

Fen didn't give up and continued trying to squeeze something out of me. "Just tell-"

This time my voice got louder. "Stop it! Mind your own business!"

All attention was on us. I looked around and disappeared through a door. Fen staring at my back feeling slightly hurt.


I'm sorry that my chapters are bad :(

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