Hayato meet Reborn

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'' Ring ring ring ring''

'' Hayato sama let go home together'' Talisa said 

'' I am in rush'' Hayato

'' Hayato sama'' Talisa use her charm to seduce Hayato

'' I am in rush'' 

Before Hayato walking out from the class

Talisa grab Hayato hand

'' What did you want woman!!!'' Hayato pissed

Talisa surprise and release Hayato hand

Hayato going outside his classroom

In class all the student look at Talisa

'' What did you look huh?!'' Talisa angry

All the student turn their face to another direction

Talisa bite her nail and think to win Hayato heart

After five minutes

Hayato arrive at the school infirmary

'' Hufff'' 

'' Hayato did you run from your class'' She asked

'' Hai sensei''

'' Hayato'' She shake her head

'' Sensei what about her are she awake?'' Hayato asked

'' Nope this is first time she have a long sleep'' She said

'' Are she will awake?''

'' She do not have anything illness Hayato''

'' Good '' Hayato relieve

'' How did you want bring her back home?'' She asked

'' I will piggy back her to her home''

'' Then you will tired carry her to her home''

'' Don't worry sensei I am tough'' Hayato show his muscle

'' If Hayato said so'' She chuckle

She carry Tsuna slowly to Hayato back

'' Are you okay carry her?''  She asked

'' I am fine sensei''

'' Be careful carry her''

'' Hai sensei''

Hayato and Tsuna going outside from the school infirmary

Tsuna spectacle fall down

'' That her spectacle'' Hayato kneel down on the ground

When Hayato try to wear Tsuna spectacle back

Hayato saw Tsuna face without spectacle

'' This is a first time I saw someone  very beautiful'' Hayato admire Tsuna face

'' Give her back'' 

Hayato turn his face to the owner of voice

'' Who are you?'' Hayato asked

'' Give her back to me''

'' Answer my question first who are you?'' Hayato pissed someone stranger do not want answer his question

'' Me ''

'' Of course I asked your name'' Hayato said

'' You did not need to know my name'' 

'' Then why you want Tsuna?'' Hayato asked

'' Just give her back to me''

'' Don't worry Tsuna I will protect you from this stranger'' Hayato said

The stranger amused

'' Just give her back to me''

'' No and never I give her to you'' Hayato determination

'' Just give her back to me''

'' Then fight  me If you want her'' Hayato said

'' Okay'' The stranger answer

Hayato put Tsuna under the tree

'' I will bring you home safely'' Hayato whisper to Tsuna

The stranger pleased about Hayato action

'' Please get ready'' 

'' I will not lose to you and bring her back home safely'' Hayato said loudly


Hope you guys enjoy > <

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