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Mage's POV

We are already here!! I hurriedly climbed out of the car. We're in the.. CARNIVAL!!!!!! This is one of my favourite places. This is where mom and dad used to brought me when I was a kid, I missed this place so much.

"Earth to Mage." Jack said.

"Earth to Mage." Jack repeated.

"Earth to Mage!" Jack shouted then I came back from my thoughts.

"Mom, dad, Jack, C'mon let's start." I said excitedly. "Btw, thank you Mom and Dad." I added.

I kissed them both in the cheek then led Jack to one of my dream rides.. the amazing roller coaster.

"Roller coaster?" Jack asked.

"Yes, when she was still a little kid, she always wanted to ride on the roller coaster." Mom answered.

"You remembered that?" I asked her in surprise while facing her.

"Of course. Your dad and I always remembered that." She said.

"Really.. Now can we ride already?!" I asked them excitedly.

I feel like I am 10 years old again.

"C'mon." Dad said happily.

Me and Jack sat beside each other. The roller coaster starts and "Woo!" We shouted in the air.

Wait, I forgot that there was a high top.. I looked down and I became scared. "Wa!" I shouted, closed my eyes and hugged Jack.

After a minute, I peaked but we're still on the hight top. It rode down and I've tighten my hug. When we reached down, I opened my eyes and looked at Jack, he is chuckling. I removed my hands and acted like nothing happen.


Jack's POV

I looked at Mage, she opened her eyes and I chuckled. She removed her hand and acted like nothing happen. I smiled and faced in front and- "Tut." The roller coaster stopped and then we climbed out.

"That was great!" Mage shrieked.

"Oh really? That's why you hugged me when we reached the high top?" I said while winking, then her parents chuckled.

"It's just- Uh- Because-" She stuttered while trying to explain.

"Oh I knew it already, this is your plan. You just wanted to hug me." I said to her teasingly.

"You wish." She said while laughing. Then we walked around.


Mage's POV

After riding the 'roller coaster,' we rode the 'horror train' then after that we rode the 'death coaster.' We rode a couple more rides until we decided to rest a little. Good thing nobody notices us cause it's a little dark and people here rarely recognize us.

"Mage, Jack, we'll just roam around here somewhere okay? Let's just meet here or you can just call me." Mom said and we nodded.

"So.. Wanna walk around?" Jack asked while offering his hand.

"Sure mister, Jack.." I said and I accepted his hand.


Jack's POV

"So, your mom and dad used to brought you here?" I asked, trying to start a conversation.

"Yeah, always." She answered.

"Want to ride some more rides? Whoa, that rhymes." I said.

"Haha, We rode all the rides already." She said obvious-type.

"No, we still haven't ride the ferris wheel." I said while smiling.

"No, I want to ride it with the one I love." She said while smiling.

"You don't love me?" I asked seriously. I felt something different when she said that and I don't know why. The fuck?

"No you silly, of course I love you. You're my best friend." She said jokingly while chuckling.

I smiled and nodded but it still hurt.


Mage's POV

What is wrong with me? It felt like there are tons of dumbbells placed on my shoulders when I said that I love him as my best friend. It's true, he's my best friend. My best friend.. What's wrong with that?

I removed that thought from my mind and we continued to walk and talk. As time passes by, mom called to tell that they're already waiting in the parking lot. We headed to the parking lot and climbed in the car.

Now we are already here..

*Click* the sound of the car lock already opened. We climbed outside, I am about to head inside when dad called Jack.

"Yes sir?" Jack asked formally while turning around.

"Can I talk to you for a couple of minutes?" Dad asked.

I looked at Jack and he is already looking at me. I smiled and nodded. What's up with dad?

"Sure sir." He said and smiled.


Jack's POV

"Let's head to the living room son." Mage's dad said while heading into the living room.

We sat down and uncle Harry started to talk.

"You know what, Jack, I treat you like my son. You can treat me like your father." He said.

"What's the meaning of that sir?" I asked curiously,

"It means that you can say anything you want to say. I just noticed that you looked down, what happened?" He asked.

"Nothing sir, nothing happened." I said sheepishly.

"Nothing happened between you and Mage?" He asked.

"I-uh-hm.." I stuttered while scratching the back of my head.

He crunched his brows and I slumped my shoulder.

"I don't know, I felt some pang when Mage said that she love me as her best friend." I explained.

"Why? It means that you like her?" He asked a little serious.

"It's kinda awkward to open up, but I don't know. Yes no yes no yes."

"Tell me what happened son." He said and I opened up.

I opened up to Mage's dad which is a little awkward, after a couple of minutes.. We got tired and then we headed upstairs to sleep. We had a very long day.