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Clara's P.O.V

The tour is going even better than I expected, to be honest. You know what'll make it even better? When Harry comes to Ireland tonight for my first Ireland concert. But even without Harry, I still have Tyler and the occasional visits from Perrie, Eleanor, MacKenzie, and Jen. It's great. Especially that I have Tyler. Ever since we met the boys, Ty and I haven't had much time the two of us, but now we're together all day and all night. The best part, however, is the fans. Ty and I already had a pretty good fan-base from YouTube, but since we started dating Harry and Liam, our fan-base has expanded to a shitload of directioners and people from the "5SOS Fam", which is apparently the fandom for Five Seconds of Summer. I happen to have recently become pretty close with the four of them through Harry. They're really cool guys and they even opened for a few of my concerts, often inviting up a very excited Tyler, who happens to have been a HUGE fan of them even since Teenage Dirtbag, their first YouTube video.

I must admit, I didn't know "5SOS" very well before Haz introduced me and I listened to all of their albums and EP's and got really into them. They're personalities just embrace my respect and appreciation for them.

It's about eleven in the morning and I'm just waking up in the bus on the way to Dublin for our first Ireland show. In case you're wondering, yes, Niall will be there. With Jade Thirwall, apparently. Yep. That happened...Apparently, they kissed at Perrie and Zayn's wedding. Yeah. That's how I felt, too! But honestly, they're the CUTEST couple EVER! Ugh, they're adorable. But Perrie and Zayn are cuter. Just...ugh. So cute. So fucking cute.

"'Morning sleeping beauty," Cal greets me when I walk into the "breakfast room". I say that out of lack for a better word. I promise, it's not an actual room. I just woke up and got down from my bunk bed and there happens to be a section of the bus dedicated to two tiny plastic chairs, a small sofa, and yet another small coffee table. Everything is really...well, small, I guess. But it's 150% worth it. 

"Go away," I mumble in my sleepy trance. Gemma chuckles from the corner, where she's sitting with Ash. Oh! I forgot to tell you that Gem's been with us for the past two weeks because Ash is kinda touring with me along with his three best mates. God, Harry. Why do you have to rub off on me so much? Mates? Really? I slump down into a chair to eat my cereal when suddenly I’m attacked.

“BOO!” a familiar accent shouts, shaking my shoulders. I scream really, really loudly, making everyone groan and cover their ears. Well, I’m awake now.

Lewis William Tomlin-son, I HATE you!” I shout at Lou, making a point to emphasize the Lewis. He hates that. I slap his shoulder from my seat. He should’ve moved away sooner. “You fucking suck.”

“How do you know my middle name?” Louis asks, astonished and rubbing his shoulder painfully. Really? That’s all he got from that statement?

“Wait, is that actually your middle name?” I ask. “Dude, I totally just guessed.”

“Seriously?” he asks incredulously. “That’s really creepy…”

“I’m still pissed at you, Tommo,” I glare, remembering that he just scared the living shit out of me and realizing that he was definitely not on the bus with us last night. “Wait, when the fuck did you get on here?”

“Oh, I decided to come visit and I got here last night because I really missed you, so…You’re one of my best friends—did you really think that I wouldn’t come to visit? El’s gonna be at the concert tonight,” Louis explains. “Seems like you’re enjoying life on tour.”

“Yeah, what isn’t there to like?” I ask. “All I have to do is sing for a crowd of fans day after day, and my two favorite things in the world after Harry and my friends are singing and my fans.”

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