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Pen Your Pride

Chapter Three

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Hello darlings ;)

You guys did it - at least 17 votes!! See, I told you it wasn't that much! But I'm proud of all you lovlies for doing it so quickly - I didn't expect to be updating next for a few days!

Now before you read the next part of my story, I just wanted to say thanks for all you've done. The voting, commenting, fanning, and adding my book to your library are all things I really appreciate!! And wow, over 100 reads in the first two days!! You're making my dreams come true! *insert inspirational music here* ;')

And I assume since your gorgeous eyes made their way to chapter three that you have been enjoyin my fanfic so far so  I wouldn't want to keep you waiting any longer - especially now that you've reached my vote goal!! (run-on sentence anyone?)

***Okay this is very, very late, but i realized I forgot to dedicate this chapter to someone!!! I would Like to dedicate it to my friend Katie (AquaKatie)!!! She's pretty, smart, loyal, and a really good writer - you should go check out her book that's a twist on Alice in Wonderland!! Sorry about how late this is, Katie, but you know how distracted i get!! xP

Enjoy ~ and Stay Beautiful!!! <3


The car ride to rehearsal was a bit tense. Harry sat in the front next to Louis, who was driving, and Zayn, Niall, and Liam sat in the middle. No one knew what to say to Harry and Niall, but Liam did send Harry a look as if to say ‘don’t you dare do anything to upset him’.

Everyone was relieved of the tense and awkward atmosphere once they arrived at rehearsal. Liam nudged Niall, who had fallen asleep on his shoulder during the short ride. “We’re here,” he whispered to his younger friend.

“What? Oh yeah, I’m up,” Niall replied.

Liam took Niall’s arm and led him through the door and to the stage where the band practice. “Now you know you don’t have to do this,” Liam told him, “I know you’re still sick and I admire your dedication, but I don’t want you getting worse than you already are.”

Niall shook his head, afraid to speak too much. “I’m fine,” he managed to stammer.

The boys met with their vocal coach and did some warming up before practicing for their show. Liam kept a close eye on Niall, searching for signs of his friend pushing his already sick self too far.

However, Niall was working very hard on appearing as if he didn’t feel ready to throw up. He made sure to smile and talk like he normally did, even though his older band mate knew him too well to be completely fooled. But Liam knew there was no way to persuade Niall to either go home and rest or take a break from practicing. So he stayed mute on the matter for the time being.

With Harry and Niall still fighting, practice didn’t go as smoothly as it usually did. Everyone was tense and annoyed, and had trouble focusing. This meant most parts had to be rehearsed over and over, with them taking longer than usual to perfect.

“Is everything alright, Niall?” one of their vocal coaches asked. She had been listening to the boys sing intently, but had only just now studied their appearance while singing. “You sure do look pale.” Others from the band’s management nodded in agreement.

“I – I’m alright,” Niall stammered, “I was sick yesterday but I’m fine now.”

Liam, who knew his friend to be lying, shot him a look as if to say ‘don’t push yourself’ but Niall just shrugged.

Later during practice, Niall excused himself to the bathroom. His stomach felt worse than ever, and there was an approaching urge to throw up rising within him.

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