Chapter 21| The chilling ending

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It's been a good solid few months since that day. I'm glad to say season 2 filming is finally over and done with and it premiered two weeks ago. The reaction was amazing not only for season2 mileven but also for what the fandom call 'Fillie'

We're all currently huddled around Iris's massive pool outside, who's a good friend of ours. It's crowed as music blasts from the speakers above, everyone swaying their bodies to the beat. Iris sure knew how to throw a pool party.

I look up to the brown chocolate eyes that are Finn wolfhard, I snuggle in a little closer as his sculptured arms wrap around me grabbing his attention, he looks down at me with a smile before bringing his lips to my forehead in a kiss, making my stomach melt even more.

"Millie dude what's up?" A voice scoffs grabbing my attention, I look up to see Romeo, a smile forming my lips.

"Hey Romeo" I say sweetly as I fist-bump him, he looks down at me with a smile.

"Sick party" He exclaims waving his hands excitedly towards the pool.

"Actually" a voice from behind him emerges,"It's my party" Jack Dylan Grazer says with a smirk as he throws an arm around Romeos shoulder.

"In my pool" Iris says sternly as she makes her way up to us, in a beautiful one piece emerald bodysuit, her blonde hair slightly soaked.

"Sick" Romeo exclaims, a sudden shriek sends our attention to the pool, just before her body hits the water, we see Caleb pushing Sadie into the pool, before he literally falls to the ground in laugher. We all sigh in relief, as I see Noah's jaw suddenly clench observing Caleb and Sadie and I look to see Finns observant eyes not miss any of it as well.

With my head still resting comfortably on Finns shoulder, my fingers rapidly fidget with my ring, my breath deepens as flashbacks from the holiday with Jacob emerge. My thoughts are grasped away when I feel Finns delicate hands place over mine, stopping my fidgeting. I look up slowly to see his observant eyes look down at me, full of concern.

"My dudes, guess what I am?" Wyatts voice says suddenly emerging into the now formed circle interrupting our moment, as me and Finn are still sat on the ground. He's wearing trunks with a black shirt and an envelope taped to it.

"God, what have you done now Wyatt?" Finn sighs sternly getting chuckles from everyone in the group.

"What colour is my shirt?" Wyatt says in a smirk.

"Black" Jack replied through narrowed eyes.

"And what's this?" Wyatt says pointing towards the envelope.

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