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6 / psycho

"felix." i turn to look at my manager, mouthing, "what?" at him.

"i need to borrow you for a second."

i nod, excusing myself from the stylists and standing up. i follow him to the front lobby.

"there's this girl that claims she knows you. she threatened to hurt herself if she didn't see you," he explained. "i think she's psycho, so be careful. call the guards if something happens."

i slowly nod. fans can be quite scary these days...

i walk to the front desk while putting my sunglasses on. suddenly, a pale girl with dark, round eyes and short, messy hair jumps up in front of me, and i stumble back.

"felix," she grins, "remember me?"

slightly alarmed, i shake my head. "i'm sorry, i—"

"we were best friends," she adds. "remember?"

i shake my head again. "i really don't, i'm sor—"

"you always say sorry, don't you?" she mumbles.

"do i?" i question, starting to feel an uncomfortable sense of déjà vu. she looks oddly familiar...

"well, i have to go now," i chuckle nervously, "but it was nice meeting you."

her smile disappears. "w—wait, felix, tell my parents you know me. they don't believe me!"

"sorry, but i don't," i mutter, slowly backing away. she widens her eyes.

"please! please!" she starts screaming, catching everyone's attention. a guard ushers me back into the staff room as people start running towards the wailing girl.

"they think i'm psycho!" she sobs.

a sense of guilt overcomes me, but i simply head back towards the dressing room.

i'm sorry, lee hyerin, i think to myself.

wait, how did i know her name?

- fin -

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