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5 / psycho

"where's felix today?"

i shrug at the psychologist. he really isn't here today.

"that's okay," she sighs as if my answer is expected. i say nothing.

"tell me how you first met felix. did he come up to you?"

i shrug again. i can't remember; it was a while ago.

"she had him ever since she was young," my mum interrupts. "we thought she was just playing around back then..."

the psychologist nods. "may i speak to you two outside?"

she takes my parents out of the room. i can hear their conversation; she's not sure if i'm "getting better or getting worse"; my parents believe everything she says; felix isn't here to distract me.

suddenly, i hear a familiar singing voice, and i look up at the tv screen.

"new hallyu sensation, felix lee, is coming to seoul in september! buy your tickets today and find out why this heartthrob is a global phenomenon!"

he smiles the same bright, reassuring smile at the screen. his hair is parted with one side styled upwards, just like how he likes it. my heart skips a beat.

"mum!" i scream. "mum! dad! look, he's here!"

they barge into the room, looking at me expectantly. i point up to the screen.

"he's right there! that's him!"

i watch their faces, proud that i've finally proven he's real. however, their smiles drop to frowns, and i furrow my eyebrows.

"okay..." the psychologist nods, "thank you for showing us."

they walk back out, but the atmosphere isn't right. are they disappointed that i proved them wrong?

"i have to meet you," i mutter to myself. "i can convince them if you see me, felix."

a/n: i missed out on #strayquiz on twitter by six minutes and felix was on D:<

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