Panic! at the Football Match- Minilan

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Shhhhhhhhhhhh I know it's Minilan but it's cute okay!

Simon's P.O.V.

I closed my eyes for a couple of seconds, feeling his chest rise and fall slowly in his sleepy state. He was awake, just, but had yet to open his eyes of do anything other than let out sleepy whimpers or curl closer to me for my warmth under the bedcovers.

I gently laid a tiny kiss on his forehead and watched him as he started to open his eyes, the baby blues fixing on my own eyes once he had opened them fully. I knew he was nervous for the day, more nervous than Vikk maybe and that was saying something, but he was scared.

He had never been particularly good at football but it was because of fan pressure that he decided to join up for the match, wanting to give the people what they wanted.

"You'll be okay baby, you'll do great." His lip started to tremble a little bit but he nodded reluctantly, knowing he'd have to go through with it.

"I- Si I'm scared... I don't know if I can do it." I ran one thumb down his cheek, bringing his eyes up to connect with mine.

"You can do it Lachy, I know you can."


We were standing in the wings and listening to the excited screaming outside in the stands. From where I was standing, Lachlan a little way in front of me with in his jersey, I could see his hands trembling. Loud noises always startled him and I knew it would distract him during the game, possibly even sabotage his movements.

All I wanted to do was go up to him and hug him, whisper in his arm that it was going to be okay but I couldn't. We still weren't out to anyone other than Vikk, who was Lachlan's closest friend and one of my most trusted, so we had told him, but it ment I couldn't comfort him in public.

In our two lines, one team making up each, Vikk was standing next to Lachlan and he gave him a reassuring smile, more worried about his friends nerves than his own. I knew he was scared too, he was in the last two matches as well, but he was slowly getting used to the idea of playing in front of big crowds.

"Ready boys!" I froze, bracing myself to run onto the field with the rest of my teammates. Taking in two deep breaths, I listened to the countdown. "3, 2, 1, go!"

And we were off.

Halfway through the match the Sidemen were up 6-3, one of the goals scored by me, and the halftime break was just over. Lachlan had kept his distance from the ball, staying up in the corner near his own goal and had only touched the ball a few times, three or four at the most, but it was his way of not panicking.

He had been on for the latter half of the first half and his team had planned to keep him on for the remainder of the game to guard where Vikk was. He was also staying way out of the way near goal where the YouTube Allstars scored, ready for whenever the ball went near him.

I think it was more than him trying to stay out of the way, he was very protective of Lachlan and knew his fears, he knew that he was scared of loud noises, he knew that he was scared of crowds. I was thankful for him because I was expected to be right in the centre of the game the whole time.

A few minutes into the second half I started to notice that something was wrong, more specifically that something was wrong down the end of the field with Lachlan and Vikk. I kept glancing back at them whenever I could and always picked up on his stiff posture and his slumped shoulders.

Around 10 minutes in I turned and looked down to the end of the field and saw Lachlan on his knees with Vikk crouched beside him, almost panicking. I could tell from Vikk's posture that he wasn't sure what he was doing, and something was very wrong.

I was so distracted that the ball flew right by me on the ground and I heard a yell of annoyance, from JJ I think, but I didn't care. I started sprinting down the field towards Lachlan and as people's eyes followed me they saw what was wrong, and some started to follow.

I made it to them just as Lachlan collapsed onto his back and his eyes slipped closed. Vikk was panicking, looking between me and Lachlan, clearly unsure what to do and needing help at once.

I sat down beside him and moved Lachlan onto his side, placing him in the recovery position. Something was very, very wrong and I knew it was going to get worse if something wasn't done fast. My heart suddenly sank, seeing a round red mark on his upper arm.

"Vikk there haven't been any bees or wasps around have there?" Vikk eyes widened.

"Yeah, there was one about 10 minutes ago just as we got back on the field." I swore under my breath and jumped when someone skidded to a stop beside me, looking up to see it was Tobi.

"Tobi I need you to do something fast, on the sidelines Lachlan has a little white bag, grab that and get someone to call an ambulance, now." I saw him nod before sprinting away, leaving me with Vikk and Lachlan.

There were other people too, but they were keeping their distance, both uncertain and possibly scared of what was going on. I knew he was having an allergic reaction, a severe one for him to have passed out, and there was nothing I could do until I got his epi pen from his bag.

I was beginning to hear the startled yelling from the crowds around me, I had been blocking out the noises from around me to focus on what was going on in front of me. Lachlan's breathing was beginning to slow and I silently begged for Tobi to hurry.

Vikk was still crouched beside me, unsure what to do but I ignored him, knowing that if I didn't do this right, Lachlan could die. He had had a reaction around me once before and I knew what to do, but only once I got the epi pen, which provided adrenaline to fight the poison.

"Si-Simon! I got it!" Tobi collapsed beside me, red in the face and panting. I ripped the bag open and dug my hand around in it, my hand closing around the little box of life saving medicine.

As I ripped open the box I looked down at Lachlan, still in the recovery position, but now with his lips blue and his chest still.

"Shit! No, no, no! Lachlan, shit!" I stabbed the epi pen into Lachlan's tight hurriedly, turning him onto his back and placing my head on his chest, listening for a heartbeat.

There wasn't one.

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