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After saying bye to all the losers including Beverley even though we barely met, I started making my way back home because it was getting late.

I may or may not have stayed longer then I should have and probably have about five missed calls from each of the guys.

Just wait till I get home.

It was six and I still needed to pack so I took the short cut.

Probably not the best decision because the last time I chose to go through there Pennywise nearly choked me to death.

I was halfway through when I heard a girl screaming.

It was getting dark out and no one was around.

Another loud scream was heard, so that's what you'd been up to, no wonder you haven't been bothering me.

I ignored it and got closer to the house.

"Aw, you really leaving without giving me a goodbye hug."

I knew that voice all too well.

It was him.


The last perso- well whatever he his, he was the last thing I wanted to see.

If I don't hurry-

"You can't hear now." He growled.

I started walking again.

"Alright, I don't need you anymore, I have someone else and she'll taste better then you ever will." He laughed.

I kept walking.

Wait what was that supposed to mean, was that the screaming.

What did he mean he has someone else was he trying to do that to me?

Like I care, all I want is for you to finally leave me the fuck alone.

What will I ever what something to do with a demon clown.


I felt sick to my stomach as I kept walking, surprisingly he didn't follow me or bother me anymore.

I made it home and opened the door.

"I swear-." Nick sounded of a mix of worried and pissed.

Not a good combo.

"Bro chill out she's probably on her way." I heard Edwin.

"Oh god I was ready to murder."

"She's alive."


"I told you."

"Baby your back."

I heard all at once as the guys ran to me and checked for any signs of me being hurt or harmed in any way.

"Guys I'm fine." I tried to play it off.

"Well your in trouble." Austin said.

I looked over at Nick, he had a serious face.

I felt bad because I made him very worried, and with what happened yesterday.

I frowned a bit and he did too.

"You know I can't stay mad...no upset with you for long, never mad." He pulled me into his arms making me smile.

"Sibling goals!" Edwin fake cried making everyone laugh.

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