Chapter 3 Partners

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Error's p.o.v.

I get to school with my brothers and quickly go to my 1st period class. I sit next to that Ink guy and just work. I stay silent the entire class time until Ink speaks to me. "Hey. You ok?" I nod and continue working. He gets frustrated and works.

When we're done with class I catch my brothers in the hall. "Hey..." Geno says not knowing what to say. "How's your diggity darn arm broski?" Fresh asks for him. "It'S oK I'm..." I got cut off, bumping into something or someone. I fall on my arm and yelp in pain. Code runs to my side and pulls me to my feet. I get a look at the guy I bumped. "I'm sOrRy! IT wAs mY fAuLt. I sHoUlD've bEeN lOoKinG wHeRe I wAs gOiNg." I tell them. It's a skeleton with 2 other friends. 1 skeleton has some type of black cloak that looks like he could be the death of me. Another has yellow and blue eyes, as well as a blue jacket but it has beige sleeves. The 1 I bumped into has a worried look. He has a blue jacket with its gray hood on his head. His eyes are red, but his left 1 has a purple to it. "What are you apologizing for? Whatever. I'm Dust." He says, holding out his hand. 'I don't want to be touched. The only physical contact I've had is not nice. I only trust my brothers.' I step back cautiously. He looks confused at this. "Uh...Is your arm ok?" He says, changing topic. I feel my arm and it's wet, probably bleeding. "Uh...I'lL bE bAcK." I say, running into the bathroom. I take off my jacket and makeshift cast to look at my arm. I rewrap my arm quickly before anyone can come in. Before I become late I grab my stuff and speed to class.

It's gym. I walk towards the track like everyone else. I'm running fine when the girl who beat me up grabs me by my broken arm. "AhHhhHH!!! LeT gO!" I yell, trying to push her off. She gets an evil look in her eye and squeezes harder. "AhhHHhhHHhHh!!! PlEaSe! StOp!" I yell. She pushes me to the ground and steps on my broken arm with all her weight. "AhhhhHHHHhhhHHhhHh!!!" I yell until I feel the pressure get off of my arm. I just curl into a ball a fall unconscious.

Ink's p.o.v.

"Shit!" I yell, as I pick up Error and run off the track. I go straight to the nurses office, take his jacket off, and wait. 'Is he ok?'

After a couple minutes Error wakes up with a jump. "Woah. You ok?" I ask. He grabs his right arm with his left hand and then lays down. "F...FoR nOw aT lEaSt. D...dOn'T mIsS cLaSs b...bEcAusE oF mE. G...gO aLrEaDy." He asks me. "What's wrong with your arm?" I ask, reaching for it. "It'S..." He starts, then Dream and Blue run in. "There you are!" Dream yells. Dream and Blue look at the situation. Blue walks to Error's side and taps his right arm a little hard. "NgH...DOn'T d..dO tHaT." Error says, clearly in pain. 'I take off his makeshift cast and his arm is all types of fucked up.' "YoU g..gOt aNy s...sUpPliEs?" He asks with a pained smile. I grab the bandages with a little bit of a rush. I help him bandage his arm, but he ends up taking a lot of medical supplies in his back pack.

We make it back to gym in time for a little fun. "Frisk!" I yell to get her attention. "Huh?" She asks. "Have you seen your sister anywhere?" I ask her. "Chara could be anywhere. I haven't seen her since she was approaching another student...probably to bully." She says. 'I really want to beat the ever-loving shit out of Frisk's stupid asshole of a big sister.' "Ugh. Your sister's an asshole you know that?" I tell her. She just nods in agreement. "Doesn't she have a crush on that guy As..." Frisk covers my mouth, because Chara's just near by. The bell rings and we go to our 3rd period of the day.

(Time skip)

Error's p.o.v.

The periods pass by a bit quickly and then it's lunch. I have another apple. Fresh is the youngest so I'll give it to him. "HeRe yOu gO lIl bRo." I say to Fresh as I give him the apple. "You got to all up eat too Error brah." Fresh tells me. "I'lL bE fInE." I tell him. A familiar looking guy walks up to me. "Sup." It's the guy I bumped into. I think his name was Dust. "Oh. HeY." I say, shifting uncomfortably in my seat. "Want to eat with me and my friends? You can bring your bros." He proposes. I look at my bros for an answer. When I don't get an answer I let out a sigh. I nod. I'm not sure if I'll regret this decision.

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