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2 / psycho

"hyerin, please calm down—"

"i'm not psycho!" i cry desperately, my cheeks drenched with tears. "and i'm not schizophrenic! he's here! he promised he'd be here! felix, come out already!"

my parents stare at me sadly. i see the sympathy in their eyes, and it aggravates me.

they act like i'm not normal.

"felix!" i scream again. "felix, please..."

i break into sobs and fall to my knees. he never shows up.

the psychologist ushers my parents out of the room to talk, leaving me alone to cry.

"f-felix," i hiccup, "you promised..."

how could he not be real? just because he's never seen, does that mean he doesn't exist? it would make sense if he seemed unreal, but he looks and sounds just like a human! just because i don't see her son, does it mean the psychologist doesn't have children?

it just isn't possible. i can prove them wrong.

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