Chapter 8 - 09:00 Los Angeles, USA

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Chapter 8
Date: March 28th, 2018
Time: 09:00am
Location: Los Angeles

⚠️Warning explicit content⚠️

~Song: Beautiful by Bazzi

Two days and the men enjoyed hours of endless "flirting" and drinking coffee but majority of the time it was basically only flirting.

And during the time they were away from eachother they still ended up engaging in it over text that is until Zayn decided to take it a step further because of his desperate thirsty ass but he was so oblivious to his own freaking actions.

Liam ❤️
Hey beautiful, what you up to?

                                          Bambi boy💛
                    Nothing much just laying in            

As the three typing dots popped up on the screen Zayn's mind took control over his actions. That smirk that fucking smirk...and now oddly his pajama bottoms were suddenly off and in the next second he had his briefs taken off and thrown to the side onto the wooden ground. What the hell was he about to do?

Liam ❤️
Oh...are you trying to suggest something or....

The omegas cheeks heated up and he bit his lip while his hand pushed down his duvet exposing his body to the cool frigid air.

Why was he so acting so horny? He knew for sure he took his heat pills and not to mention his heat wasn't due for another week or two why was he so freaking horny? And out of all people he was horny for a murdering evil criminal.

                                          Bambi Boy💛
                 I am feeling quiet naughty 😏

Zayn's eyes widened in embarrassment when he read over what he sent. What if Simon was tracking their messages and reading them? Oh shit, would he be in some major trouble.

Liam ❤️
Wow. I thought you were wanting to take things slowly 🤔

In that moment Zayn got an awful idea. It seemed his mind already worked it all out for him and now it was giving him the exact idea he was now thinking about.

                                          Bambi Boy 💛
                   I like to tease, remember?😌


Once the three dots flashed onto the screen Zayn closed out of the messenger app then opened his camera ignoring Liam's new reply that had appeared above the screen.

Though it was dark in the room Zayn was able to see a bit of an outline of his body from the moonlight. With a tap on the side he turned the flash on and positioned his iPhone over his whole nude body. He tilted himself to the side using his thigh to cover his parts while his nipples were on full display.


Zayn brought the phone down and reviewed his first actual dirty picture he'd taken before he sending it. Not once did he have any regrets after he had finally hit the send button.

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