Chapter 7-19:25 Los Angeles, USA

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Chapter 7
Date: March 26th, 2018
Time: 19:25 pm
Location: Los Angeles

The day had gone by pretty fast for Zayn. After their whole review meeting and their discussion of new plans for the next day, Zayn finally had a moment of peace to himself.

Seated in his small living room couch he stared at the blank flatscreen on the wall in front of him, deep in thought. He thought about the morning he had with Liam at the Starbucks.

Two hours of them just talking...talking about themselves and who they were. Unfortunately Zayn was the one who had been fully lying about himself. He hated that, he hated how he had to lie about his past and such. Liam seemed to love his lies and that was just wrong. A bit ironic.


With his thoughts interrupted by the vibration of his phone Zayn pulled it out from his pocket and studied the number first, then opened the message.

1 new message
Hey beautiful, how are you?

Liam! Fuck how could he forget? Liam promised him he'd text him before they parted ways.

Quickly the omega opened up the message not caring how desperate he may had seemed and answered right back in a heartbeat.

Bambi boy💛
Hey Li, I'm good and you?

Awaiting Liam's reply Zayn caught himself squealing like an excited little girl. He hoped none of the other agents could hear his quiet excitement. That would be highly embarrassing and could give him away real easy.

Quickly as Liam typed Zayn made him his contact on his phone adding a nice little nonchalant emoji so in case one of his co workers saw, it wouldn't seem too suspicious.

Liam ❤️
I am absolutely wonderful now since I'm talking to such a handsome prince 😘

Zayn never blushed so hard in his life, no one ever said such sweet things to him...unless his mom counted but she was the only one.

Bambi boy 💛
Who's this prince guy?

Liam ❤️
He's this man who is to just die for. He's got the most beautiful Bambi eyes that are full of sparkling gold and mesmerizing eyelashes and dark soft raven hair. I'd love to kiss him but I think he deserves better.

Bambi boy 💛
Oh I see. He sounds pretty hot. I'm actually kinda jealous of him tbh😕

Liam ❤️
Oh really?? why's that 😏

Bambi boy 💛
Well uh...I may like you but I guess it doesn't matter now. You like him 😞

Zayn bit his lip lightly to ignore his anxious hormones bouncing around like crazy in his body as he sent the message. He was practically admitting to Liam his honest feelings for him...over fucking text.

Liam ❤️
I know you like me 😂 I thought you'd pick up on the fact that I was talking about you, babe. 😘

The young agent smiled widely as he stood up opening the message to begin typing his next reply. How could such an evil man have such an affect on him. This was madness and very dangerous. Very very dangerous.

Bambi boy 💛
I did, I was only messing about with you 😂😝

Liam ❤️
Mhm sure. You sounded pretty upset 😏

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