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The next morning, Soolyeon woke up early this time. She didn't want to get up but she had no choice. She got up and went to the bathroom. She took a shower and washed her hair. It was already 7:30. She had to hurry up if she wanted to be there for 8:00. When Soolyeon was done getting dressed and everything, her mom dropped her to school and she met up with Taelee and Reena.
"how was detention yesterday" Taelee and Reena ask.
"it was fine.... I met 9 nice guys tho " she says with a smile.
"9 guys???" Reena asks shocked
"yeah... Their names are, Chan, Jisung, Changbin, Hyunjin, Felix, Jeongin, Minho, Woojin and Seungmin... " she says
"ohhh... Those guys.. I've seen them around" Taelee says.
As they were talking, there was breaking news on the school TV
"a girl was reportedly found dead in a park at 9:30pm. It looks like she was drained of all her blood. This might have been an act of a vampire.... Please stay alert at all causes people, we don't want anything bad to happen to you" the news said.
"it's kinda creepy how we have all these vampires lurking around here" Reena says
"it really is" Taelee and Soolyeon say.


After second period, Soolyeon, Taelee and Reena walk in the cafeteria to eat something. As they were eating, the 9 guys from yesterday passed by.
"hey Soolyeon" Chan said with a smile
Soolyeon didn't even realize that they were there and almost chocked on her food
*coughs* "oh..*coughs* hi" she says while nearly choking.
"what's up" Chan asked again
"oh... Nothing.. " she answers looking back at her food.
"so who are your friends... They seem nice" Chan says
"oh... This is Taelee and this is Reena " she said while gesturing her hand in front of both of them
"hi" Chan said with a smile
"h-hi" Reena stutters.
The other guys in the back of Chan seemed to be very quiet.
"Jisung... Why are you guys so quiet?" Soolyeon questioned Jisung who looked a bit upset
"huh? Oh... We're just a bit.... Tired, that's all" he says looking around.
"okay then" she says
Chan and Reena were having a full on conversation about something while the others seemed impatient to leave.
"Chan-hyung... We have to go" Jisung whispered to Chan
"okay then." he says as he turns to Jisung.
"i-it was nice talking to you Reena " Chan says as he walks away with the guys. Taelee and Soolyeon stare at Reena who was in shock. She had a big smile on her face and her cheeks were red.
"You like him don't you?" soolyeon asks Reena who still sits there in shock
"how have I not seen him before?" Reena says with another big smile
Soolyeon and Taelee look at eachother and shake their head as they dragged Reena to class as the bell rung.


Everyone went to class except for Jisung. He walked the halls alone.
"hey shorty, tf you doing out here ALONE, don't have any friends, hahaha" a guy says teasing Jisung.
"leave me alone dumbass" Jisung says walking away.
"where you going? You going to go cry in a corner? Hahaha" the guy said again, teasing Jisung making him angrier
"I said leave me alone " Jisung said
"ouu.. I'm so scared. What're you gonna do? Hit m-"
Before the guy could finish his sentence, Jisung's eyes turned red and he punched the guy. The guy let out a groan of pain and punched Jisung back. Jisung tried to fight back but the guy had some friends hiding in the back and they beat him up as well.
Changbin, who was roaming the halls, saw Jisung getting beaten up.
"YO, GET AWAY FROM HIM. " Changbin yelled at the guys. They all turn around and run away at the sight of Changbin who was a scary person (at times)
Jisung was on the floor in pain.
"hey, you okay?" changbin asked calmly looking at Jisung's stomach.
"y-yeah.. " jisung said while holding his arm.
"they'll heal up soon, just, don't move" Changbin says calmly again.
Jisung just groans and watches his hyung walk away
After class, Changbin heads over to Chan.
"Chan-hyung" Changbin says looking mad.
"hmm?" Chan says turning to Changbin.
"Jisung got beat up...... Again"
"WHAT?" Chan yells at the sudden shock. "where is he now???" he asks worried.
"follow me "
Changbin takes Chan to where he left Jisung, but he wasn't there anymore.
"shit, WHERE'D HE GO?" Changbin yelled in confusion and in shock
"by chance... Was he bleeding?" Chan asked Changbin with a worried look.
Changbin nodded silently.
"(sigh) follow me"
They head to the men's washroom and try to find Jisung.
"Jisung?" Changbin called out
"what the fuck do you want now" Jisung said behind a stall.
"are you okay?" Changbin asked as he let out a sigh of relief.
"You lied to me, you said I'll heal. I didn't fucking heal. Why is this vampire thing so hard. Why aren't I fucking healing?" Jisung said practically crying and hitting the bathroom stall. Changbin looks down and can't help but feel bad.
"hey, it's not your fault" Chan whispers to Changbin with a warm smile.
"why does this always happen to me, I can't take it. It hurts so bad." Jisung says still in pain
"Jisung, calm down. Drink this " Chan says as he rolls something from underneath the stall. Jisung drinks the red substance contained in the bottle till the very last bit. He lets out a small sigh and catches his breath again.
"feeling better?" Chan asked calmly
"y-yeah.... " Jisung says as he unlocks the bathroom stall.
"wooow, you're a mess" Changbin said looking back at Jisung.
"really.....?" Jisung said sarcastically while laughing.
"wash that shit off your face and meet us outside" Chan said while laughing and dragging Changbin out of the bathroom.
"what are we gonna do about him. He's the only one that doesn't heal properly. It doesn't make sense. " Changbin says walking back and fourth
"(sigh).... I hate to say this but.... He's going to have to drink human blood" chan says
"he already does tho" Changbin says confused at Chan's answer
"not.... Like that... " chan said looking down.
"wait you mean.... Ki-, he can't do that" Changbin blurted at Chan as he realizes what he means
"Changbin, he already killed someone before, why can't he do it again? It's the only way he can survive like this" Chan says as he puts a hand on Changbin's shoulder
"yeah... But it's Jisung... " changbin said looking down.
"I know it's Jisung but... Even Jeongin did it and he's fine now. Just let him do it " chan said looking at changbin
Changbin sighs and looks down.
"JISUNG! I heard you got beat up.. Are you okay? Are you hurt?" soolyeon questions as she sees jisung walking past her.
"y-yeah, I feel better" jisung says
"are you sure? You seem different. " soolyeon states
"well there's just a little pain, but I'll be fine. Don't worry too much, cutie" jisung says as he walks away from soolyeon and her friends.
"d-did he just call you cutie????" Taelee asks in shock
"he did, I heard it " Reena says happily
Soolyeon's face heats up and she turns away.
"do you like him?" Taelee teases Taelee and Reena laughs.
Soolyeon lets out a nervous laugh.
"w-what?? Me? Liking someone? Ha that's funny. " soolyeon lets out a forced laugh and her face gets hotter and hotter.
"YOU DO LIKE HIM!" Taelee shouts in joy at Soolyeon
"SHHHH, keep your voice down. And I don't know if I like him, I just met him. " soolyeon says
"well, Reena met Chan yesterday and she already has eyes for him " Taelee brings up Chan and Reena's face becomes red.
"I I'm just not sure" soolyeon says as her cheeks become red.
"you're blushiiiing" Taelee and Reena tease her.
"oh shut up " soolyeon says as she gets up, Taelee and Reena laughing behind her.
"jisung, come here " Chan calls him
"sup hyung" jisung says.
"You wanna go on a hunt with me? " chan asks
Honestly, I don't even know what kind of storyline this is. But anyways, hope you enjoyed (or at least tried) part 2 lmao. And if there's typos, ma bad. I'm horrible at writing stuff

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