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1 / psycho

i look over at the boy whose head is hung low as he swings his legs back and forth. he's sitting on the edge of my bed, clutching onto the duvet.

"felix," i sigh, "are you scared of them? is that why you never show up to the appointments?"

he shrugs, not daring to look up.

"just give me a proper answer," i mutter, "and i'll understand."

he promises to show himself to the psychologist every week, and every week he disappears right before the appointment.

i don't want to force him to come — especially considering his immense fear of people — but i hate seeing the psychologist shake her head as if she knows he isn't coming.

how can i tell her, every single week, that i can't find him?

" i'm sorry, "

he replies, finally looking up at me with his dark chocolate orbs which glint guilt. i quickly look away before i change my mind.

"just come to the next session. you don't have to say anything, okay?" i suggest. he nods quickly and shoots a contagious grin at me, which i can't help but mirror.

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