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HEY guys it's Abby,

Like I just wanted to say hi and that if any of you ever need to talk, about ANYTHING at all I'm always here.

Heavenly_Lie  says she is too,

And Mitchell... he isn't doing well.

He can pretend through a screen, but I am terrified he is going to do something.

This family has already lost people, it's not fair if I lose another brother.

I don't think Mitchell has worn anything but a black shirt and ripped jeans.
He's barely eating, and always is moving. He doesn't take his antidepressants.

Help please. I can't lose another one of my family.
I'll post something about Mitchell and Alec later, maybe tomorrow though.

In the words of my Alec,

Goodbye my Smartasses,
~ @Smart_AlecK

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