Unplanned Pt. 1

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Note: So this is very different than all the other Jack ones I've written so bear with me, y'all!

It wasn't planned - no way this was planned. In fact, in part, it seemed a little absurd. Jack was just a kid in more ways than just his birth date. But there it was in my hand - the tiny pink plus sign beeping up at me. Hot tears filled my eyes and I sucked in a sharp breath only to let it out in a sob a moment later, squeezing my eyes shut. How could this happen? How could it be true?

We weren't ready for this. I'd been fought through everything with my older brothers - werewolves, spirits, vampires, banshees, demonic possession, even talking teddy bears - but this? This...this was out of my area of expertise. This I had no idea what to do about even! When I blinked my eyes back open, I let out a shaky breath to prepare myself. But that same incessant plus sign still blinked up at me.

A sob escaped my mouth unbidden and within seconds, my back slid down the wall and I was a crying mess on the bathroom floor. I could feel my mascara running as the onslaught of emotion hit me like a train, my chest constricting in anxiety. I was too young for this, way too young for this! What would my brothers even say? Would they be mad? Angry about me bringing a baby into our world? In our line of work?

Sam would be accepting, of course, and be there to comfort me. Dean though...Dean would be livid. Both at me and Jack... My eyes widened then and I sucked in a breath - no, no, Jack! How would I tell him?! He was just a baby himself, barely being able to take care of himself let alone a child.

The sudden sound of a knock on the door broke me from my thoughts, my head snapping to the sound.

"Hey, you okay?" Sam's deep voice reverberated through the door, the knob jiggling from my side of the room as he tried to wrench it open before pounding on the wood once more, "Please, open the door! I'm...I'm worried about you. You-you've been acting weird since that werewolf case. Look, if you want to talk - you know I'm always here for you,"

My heart swelled with love for my big brother, knowing he meant what he said. Dean loved me, don't get me wrong. But Sammy? He was always the one I could talk to. Dean just blew up at me most of the time when I made a mistake but Sam had always been the one to sit down and listen. Every time I needed it. And as my eyes drifted down to the little white stick in my hand, I couldn't help but wonder if this time were really any different.

Taking a deep breath and with shaky knees, I picked myself up off the floor before trudging over to the door and unlocking it. I didn't try to hide the pregnancy test in my hand - what was the point? He always knew when I was hiding something anyway. And besides...in just a few months, I wouldn't be able to hide it any longer. Even if I wanted to. Sam barrelled into the room moose-style before stopping short, his hazel eyes landing on the incriminating object.

He swallowed and as his eyes flicked back up to my face, I crumbled. Just as if a dam had broke, all the tears came rushing back out once more as I fell into my big brother's arms. I sobbed into his t-shirt, the soft cotton material rubbing against my cheek comfortingly as he he held me tightly whilst he sat us both down on the floor. His hand ran up and down my back in a soothing manner as he just let me cry it out, not saying a word until I'd finally finished. And once I had, I glanced up into those warm hazel eyes of his, feeling regret rise up inside of me. Fingers brushed away my tears as he began to speak first.

I was glad he had - I didn't trust my voice not to break right now.

"Whose is it?" he asked me softly, that comforting big brother tone coming through.

I sniffed as he removed his hand, sliding it down to hold onto my hand. I pushed a strand of hair that had fallen in my face back behind my ear.

"Jack's..." I replied in a whisper, so quiet that if he hadn't been standing so close he wouldn't have heard.

But he did and the long sigh that escaped his mouth along with the head shake was enough to make me want to crawl into a hole and hide somewhere.

"Does he know?" he asked after a moment of silence had ensued.

I shook my head, feeling the tightness in my cheeks from the previously shed tears.

"Does Dean know?" he questioned, arching an eyebrow and I sent him a glare as if to say 'What do you think?' which made him chuckle, "Yeah, I didn't figure so. Or else that nephilim would be dead by now,"

I nodded, grinning, "And then Cas would have to pull him out, too,"

Sam laughed, nodding slightly in agreement before going somber once more as his eyes looked back at the test left forgotten on the bathroom counter by the sink.

"Sammy?" I asked in a small voice, making those eyes snap back to me in a heartbeat.

But no amount of warmth in that gaze could stop the cold feeling that crept up inside me, rushing around in my veins as I spoke.

"How am I gonna tell Jack?"

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