Chapter 46- Slytherin versus Gryffindor #2

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"Yeah, V. Eat some food would you? You can't go on pitch starving." Draco said putting some toast on her plate.

V gave Draco a look, she didn't like the way he had been acting a bit like her brother or something recently. Many would appreciate it but V really couldn't.

After breakfast, the team headed down to the pitch together with V slowly gaining more confidence, with the amount of work she had put in they were bound to win, right?

After heading to the changing room and getting Lucy to do a French braid for her, there was only about fifteen minutes till the start of the game. V realised that about now was the time for her to do a pep talk so she gathered everyone round and took a deep breath.

"Look, I know it must be strange to have a small blonde girl for a quidditch captain. I also know that we are the most hated house in the school. But let's be real, image doesn't count for anything. All that matters is that we whip Gryffindor's arse's out there today and we do so graciously and with good sportsmanship, cause you know what? We're turning the other cheek today." V said. Everyone looked a tad bit confused at the angle she was taking but she wasn't fazed.

"Uh- V- we may have forgotten to mention something-"

"I don't want to hear it unless its going to effect our quality out on the pitch today." V interrupted. Draco, Goyle and Lawrence all looked at each other uncertainly after that but V continued with her talk.

"Does it really matter if we lose? Well- actually it kind of does, lets really go for a win today so I won't be walking around school like the biggest laughing stock ever." V said and everyone sniggered along with her because this was kind of true.

"But if we do lose, Gryffindor are going to see us smiling because we just did a good thing; we played a game of quidditch- a fair game of quidditch. And let's not forget the importance of all our roles; whether we're scoring goals, blocking them or protecting our teammates from the Bludger. We're all important." V then turned to Draco because the truth was, he was still their most important player. "When you go out there today Draco, don't think about what Potter's doing. Think about what you're doing. Because you can't control potty pants over there, you can only control yourself." V finished and everyone was finally nodding along with her. 

"Let's not forget who we are, we are the most notorious house out of all four, and the most talented. But let's be gracious about it. Slytherin on three." V said putting her hand out.

Everyone put their hands on V's and V started. "one- two- Slytherin!" Everyone yelled and they headed out onto the pitch. In all truth, V could tell that not exactly everyone was on board with this new style of leading V was taking, but all that mattered to her was that everyone heard her out.

The stands were completely full today, and the buzzing of the crowd completely blocked out all nervous thoughts V was having. V spotted the Gryffindor team looking confident, . V looked over at George but he was too busy talking to Ron who was playing keeper. Ron looked very nervous and kept on glancing up to the Slytherin stand. When V looked up she then saw a massive banner which read, 'Weasley is our King'.

V had no idea what it was for or why Slytherin appeared to be supporting the Weasley's, but she had a bad feeling about it. 

Madam hooch then called V and Angelina over to shake hands. V smiled amiably over at Angelina, however Angelina did not return the smile. When they shook hands, Angelina glared at her saying, "You're going down, Black."

V made her way back to her team with a confused look on her face. "Guys, what the hell is going on?" 

But before anyone could reply, Madam Hooch called for them to mount their brooms. 

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