Chapter 1

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{Hey minna! Welcome to The Dragon Slayers Stone! So this won't necessarily be a romance story but I will have some ships in here. NaLu MirAxus and, of course, GaLe. Sit back and enjoy!}

Levy P.O.V

I was sitting in the normally rowdy guild reading. Well, trying to read. My eyes kept glancing to the doors waiting for a certain dragon slayer to come in.

"I know he comes home today, but you don't have to be ansi." A voice behind me said, scaring me. "Lu-chan!" I whined. She grinned and sat beside me.

"Waiting for Gajeel?" I blushed. "N-no I'm not!" I buried my face in my book. Such a lie. He had been on a two week mission and was due home today. I would never admit it to Lucy but I missed having him around.

The guild doors open and I perked up, seeing the said dragon slayer. He sat at the bar, tossing his bag on the ground. I smiled a little, glad he was home.

"Your staring." Lucy whispered in my ear. My face burned and I glared at her, making her laugh. "So what if I am?" I finally huffed. She grinned. "So your gonna confess?" could my face get any redder?

I have had a crush on him since Tenrojima, and Lucy was the only one that knew. But I wasn't the only one crushing. I grinned slyly. "Have you confessed to Natsu?" her turn to be tomato red. I laughed.

She punched my arm and pushed her just hard enough so she fell of the bench, which made me laugh harder.

"Hey Luce, what are you doing down there?" Natsu asked as he walked up, looking down at her. She blushed a little and pouted. "Levy is picking on me." He laughed.

"Well she can pick on you later. We have a job!" He helped Lucy up and turned, running smack into Gajeel. "Oi, watch it Salamander!" he grumbled. "You wanna go metal head?!"

"Natsu are we going on that job or not?" This got his attention and the two ran off. I looked up at Gajeel and tried not to blush.

"Hey Shrimp, I got a favor to ask." I blushed more. He needed my help? "Uh sure what is it?" He set his bag on the table and started rummaging through it.

"I ran into Rouge while on my mission. He wanted to know if you could figure out what this is." He pulled something out and set it on the table. It was an oval stone that was the size of my palm. The back side was flat and it looked like a tigers eye stone, but instead of amber, it was a midnight blue.

"He found it on a mission and no one has been able to identify it. He thought if anyone could, you could." I picked up the stone and looked closely at it. I feel like I had seen it before.

"Sure! I think I saw it in a book I was reading recently." he nodded and coughed a little. "You alright?" he waved it off. "Fine. So can you do it?" I nodded.

"Thanks shrimp." He turned and headed for the door. I went to the guilds library and started pulling out all the recent books I had read and started flipping through them.

When I found it I started reading. The blood drained from my face and my heart nearly stopped. I read it again and again, hopping I was reading it wrong. I knew I wasn't. I pulled down another book full of rare stones. I read a more detailed description and only made it worse.

I grabbed the book and bolted upstairs. I had to find the master.

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