Chapter 3: A song...

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              ღ♥ ღೋ MEGUMI'S P.O.Vღ♥ ღೋ

           I was listening to Mr. Hyuuga's lecture inside the class.  "So, class, today, you'll be having partners."  He told to all of us.  Partners?  I wonder who will be my partner.  

           "First of all, Mrs. Yuki, your partner will be Mr. Ichinose."  Th-that porcupine?!!!!!!!!!!   "O-okay."  I made a fake smile but inside I'm very irritated.  "Okay then......."  Hyuuga-sensei continued saying the partners of this and that.  I looked at 'Porcupine'........and stared at him for a minute.  "What do you want from me?"  He asked.  "Is it okay with you that we are partners???"  I asked him.

            "Yeah, and after that, don't talk to me again."  He told me and I thought about it.....  "DEAL!"  We shook hands.  Then class ended, me and Syo went to the canteen to eat together.  

          We walked to the canteen, "So Syo-kun, who's your partner?"  I asked.  "Ren."  "Ren?"  I asked.  "The flirt, who has orange hair, taller than me.  Sheessh, he's popular with the girls and you don't know him?"  Syo shouted.

       "Sorry!!!  I don't know him!!!"  I answered back loudly.  Syo sighed, "Now, where are we again?  Ah!  Who is your partner?"  Syo asked.  I got irritated again, "Okay okay!  Let's talk about this while eating."  Syo suggested.

       "Okay!!"  We went in line to get some food, I bought 3 plates of carbonara, 5 slices of pizza and meal 1, with orange juice.  "Seriously??!!!"  Syo shouted, "I'm hungry, let me free!"  I laughed.  While Syo bought one plate of spaghetti, "You'll never grow if you eat many food."  I told him.  "You saying that I'm small???!!!!"  He got mad.  After fighting a little, we picked a seat for two and talked about the partner thing.  

        "So, who's your partner?"  Syo asked me while eating.  "Ichinose 'Porcupine' Tokiya."  I told him with a pale face, almost about to die.  "A-ah, calm down....Here, have some orange juice."  Syo gave me orange juice and took a sip, "Everything is going to be daijobu!!!  I think you can both work easily together."  Syo patted my back.  "Oh, really?"  I ate all of my food.  "Hey, did you just eat it all in a flash???"  Syo asked,

          I nodded.  

         It was the time were me and Porcupine will compose a song, and submit the song using a CD, whoever has the best song is already passed in the 'audition'.  

        I walked up to Ichinose-san, "Hey, next week is already the submission, can you help me???"  I asked him.  "Sure...  I sing, you make the lyrics."  He told me.  "But....but I want to sing too."  I pouted.

        "...........Then it will be a duet?"  He asked.  "Kinda.....Do you want??"  I asked with a bright smile.  He didn't answer.  =________=  You don't want!!!  Fine then!!!  "Sure."  He answered after a while.

      I got surprised, and we were both silent....  "U-uh, starting!!!  What kind of genre of song do you want?"  I asked.  "Pop."  He told me.  "Topic?"  I asked.  "You decide."  He passed it onto me.

      "U-ummm, no malice or anything, but I'm good with love songs!"  I told to him.  "Sure, it's just a song."  He agreed.  "Then it's official!!!  We should start!!!"  "Bye."  Ichinose-san walked away.

       "Oi-oi!!  Where are you going???"  "Somewhere."  He told me.  >_____<  THAT NO GOOD!!!  But, we didn't shout or anything at the past few minutes, I sighed.  I guess our friendship is progressing!!!   

       I walked around the school, "Hmmmmmm.........."  I tried to look around for some ideas for lyrics.  I pouted, "I can't think of anything, everything looks so dull.  No offense."  I murmured.  

       I looked around while twirling but I bumped at someone, "A-ah, I'm very sorry."  I apologized.  "Oh, no, it's okay.  I'm the one who is at fault."  A red-haired boy told me, "Wait, are you Syo's cousin that was......."

         He remember what happened some times ago.  "Ye-yeah...."  I sweat-dropped.  "A-ah!!!  I need to go, I'm very sorry!"  I ran away, "Oh, nice to meet you!"  His voice echoed from the hallway, "NICE TO MEET YOU TOO!!!  HOPE WE MEET AGAIN!!"  My voice echoed from the hallway too.

          I wonder what song can we sing?  I keep thinking and I had an idea, me and Syo always sing a song that we both made when we were kids.  

        (A/N:  If you want to hear their songs when they were kids, click the external link.  It's so cute.)  

        I went to find Ichinose-san, I saw him at the class alone.  "Hey, I already know what we will sing!!!"  I told him.  "What is it?"  He asked.  "GEMINI!!!!"  I told him. "What kind of song is that?"  He asked.  "You'll see!!!"  I told him and explained everything to him.  

         "So, we're going to sing a kid's song?  That's very...."  "CHILDISH?"  I continued.  "Yeah...."  He told me.  "Ack!!!  But it's a song!  A beautiful song!!!"  I tried to convice him.  He didn't answer, I took a deep breath and sighed.  I'll sing so I can convince you.  

Even if we're torn apart,
Know you'll still be in my heart
Yeah, up in the sky we'll run across the constellations
Even when the days get bad
Nights worse than you've ever had
Just look up into the sky and we'll be Gemini   

         I blushed while singing because I'm in an embarassing situation, and Ichinose-san kept staring at me.  "Fine....  Did you even made the lyrics?"  He asked. "Me and Syo made it, and I made the tone!!!"  I explained.  "Well, when will we start?"  He asked.  "Ummmm, where can we work?  How about your room?"  I asked him.  

        "Sure...I'm sure Otoya won't disturb."  He agreed.  Otoya, I heard that before......   O3O Well, I forgot the word.  Huehuehuehue.  


        "Excuse me..." I went inside Ichinose's room, and I brought the gadgets for singing.  I saw the red-haired boy again, "Y-you!!!"  We both pointed at eachother.  "Seems you two met."  Ichinose-san said.  "Yeah, we met a while ago."  The redhead scratched his head.  "Why are you here, anyways?"  He asked.

        "He's my partner for the singing thing."  I explained to him.  "Re-really?  The net diva!?  Awwww...  Tokiya-kun, you're so lucky."  He pouted. "It's not my fault."  It seems that he is unfortunate.  "Hey, be thankful that I already thought of a song."  I got mad.  "Fine."  He sighed.

          "What's your name by the way?"  I asked the redhead.  "Ittoki Otoya!  You can call me Ittoki."  He told me.  "Do you mind if we sing here?"  I asked.  "Oh sure!  I would love to hear your voices together."  He told to us.  I laughed and we continued our activity.  

            ღ♥ ღೋAFTER ೋღ♥ ღೋ

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