19| Broken Love.

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19| Broken Love.

A week had passed since Annie and Luke's first argument, and they had brushed passed it quite nicely. Ash and Rosie however have been tense, Luke and Annie noticed and it's been extremely awkward.

Luke and Annie were currently spending their free period in the library studying for an upcoming biology test. It was pouring the ocean outside and Annie wasn't wearing the most rain proof outfit so the couple decided to hibernate in the labyrinth of words for a few hours. She had already snuggled into Luke's hoodie, zipping it almost all the way as she hunched over her books.

"Are you nearly finished babe?" Luke asked, chewing some gum and doodling on a piece of paper. He said at the start of the hour that he was going to attempt to draw Annie, even though he was completely joking he was actually trying to do his best. Every other minute he would ask to feel her face, trying to figure out just where about her dimples were and how far apart her eyebrows were.

"Maybe another ten minutes, how's my drawing coming along?" She smiled, leaning into Luke's side for a moment until he quickly pulled back.

"You can't look yet! I'm not done!" He chuckled, pouting once he lost his line and attempted to carry on. Annie rolled her eyes before finishing of her work, leaning on one hand as she gazed out the window until Luke was done. "Here."

Annie looked down at the paper, seeing a very poor drawing of something. Her left eye was below her nose and her eyebrow was way off of her face- which was a strange rectangle shape for some reason. "It's, uh-"

"I know it's probably crap, I was just bored." He shrugged, a rose blush covering his face as he buried his head into Annie's neck.

"No, no it's not, it's- interesting..." she giggled, pulling his head back and kissing him quickly. "I love it." She ripped around the drawing and placed in the back of her clear phone case before packing away her things.

A few hours had passed and now everybody was at Luke's house, including Ashton and Rosie, and they were all bored out of there mind. Rosie had mentioned at the start of the night that some of the boys in school were throwing a party and they should attend, but Luke quickly refused for obvious reasons.

Now, where the silence consumed them, Annie was starting to think the party was a good idea, how bad could it be? She brought this up to the group and Ashton agreed too, he liked the idea of getting wasted and having meaningless sex with Rosie. He didn't want it to be meaningless but by the way they were hardly talking he knew it would be.

"What time does it start?" Ashton asked, knowing everyone needed to get ready and Rosie took at least an hour before hand.

"At ten, that's in an hour and a half, Ash we should go mine to get ready." Rosie stated, standing up off of Luke's bed and dragging Ash with her out of the house.

Annie went to her house to get changed into a black two piece with flowers embroidered onto both parts. She wore a large cardigan over the top so she wouldn't have to wear Luke's jumper which she assumed he was going to wear.

Ashton and Rosie were at Luke's yet again, helping him decide what to wear before picking Annie up and going to the party. He had been given a red and black plaid button up as well as his black jeans and a dark red SnapBack.

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