24: Departure

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Chapter 24 – Departure

The imminent starvation state had been avoided thanks to eating Hado's soul.
My red right eye returned to its original black color as the tide ended.

Such a relief, I'd no longer have to wear an eyepatch. No need to explain it as an injury when I meet someone who knows me anymore.

By defeating Hado――one of three Burix siblings, I felt one weight that had been attached to me disappear. There were still two to go, but I can't do anything yet since they were currently not in the capital.

There was still one problem, Roxy. She'll leave for Gallia tomorrow.
Perhaps only select few servants on the mansion were informed about this. Most likely those who managed other servants.

There was no way I would be told. That made me somewhat frustrated and had been piling up deep down.

Well, to them I was just a powerless human, so what's the point in telling me? Most likely, Roxy did so out of consideration for other so as not to upset anyone and raise any anxiety.

I hunted several goblins along the way, raising my previously bottomlined stats to an acceptable level. As I walked in the dark toward the mansion, Greed said,

『You want to be trusted while hiding your true identity......such arrogance』
[Shut up.]
『Give it up already. It's such a bother.』
[Then, shut it!]

People walking nearby were taken aback and gave me scrutinizing looks, since that last sentence was said in a rather loud voice. Unable to handle those gazes, I anxiously rushed back to the mansion.

I sneaked back to my room inside the mostly dark mansion through a window on the first floor.
I jumped to the bed as it is, leaving Greed on the bedside as I closed my eyes to sleep.
This was weird.....
I didn't feel sleepy even after working myself up taking Hado out.

The swirling thoughts didn't die out. Afterward, thinking about Roxy caused me to be unable to sleep at all, and morning came before I knew it.

『Fate, let me tell you something good. A first rate warrior can rest anytime he wants. Being disturbed by mere thought, makes you even lower than a third rate.』

『Why do you feel upset? I can't feel compassion, but you are my wielder after all!』
[Shut up]
『Hahaha, it seems you still have some spunk left. There, it has become hectic outside.』

I was so caught up with myself that I didn't notice what happened outside. I could hear footsteps from two or more person from the corridor. It was something unusual for the usually prim and proper employees here. This much running, there was only one thing that came to mind.

This morning, other employees finally been told.
I dashed up off the bed and got out from my room.

The sight of seemingly saddened employees entered my vision once I was outside.
I also joined the waves of people and headed to the mansion entrance.

Roxy was being surrounded by a lot of servants.
Almost everyone directly around her was crying.

Roxy noticed me approaching, and called out to me.

[Fate, good morning]
[This......what on earth is happening here?]

She was about to depart for Gallia. I knew that already, but in front of her I still had to ask.

[This morning, and order arrived from the castle, telling me to proceed to Gallia at once. It was a great honor.]

That's not it. It had been decided from a while ago. Until this morning......this fact had been concealed from the employees in order to prevent the retainers of Heart family from rebelling. The Heart family was loved too much by the people of the kingdom after all.

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