22: Things That Need to be Done

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Chapter 22 Things That Need to be Done

That midnight, I stayed at the hobgoblin forest to wait until Hado appeared.
The place where I'm in was the flowerbed that was once the lair of Goblin King. This place seemed like a hollowed out part of the forest since there was no trees growing here.
On the center of the wreckage from when I fought the Goblin King, there is a fallen huge tree.
I sat there, with all my senses on alert.

Hado will surely come here.
Just to make sure, I had left behind several goblin corpses that lead toward this place. If he still couldn't find me, then Hado's incompetence is already beyond helping.

It's still depending on whether Hado picked up the rumour about Mukuro's habit.
At present, Mukuro only attacked goblins and never any human. If Hado put this fact into consideration, he won't think that those corpses as a bait to lead him into a trap.

I could only hear the sound of leaves rustling to the wind for now, so I kept my ears open.
Why he hasn't appeared already? Was the story told by the barkeeper a lie?

While thinking of that, I began to hear different sounds. Sounds of twigs being trampled.
And many of them.

It gradually closing in to where I am. Then, the footsteps stopped right outside the flowerbed.
Not moving an inch from where I sat, I sent an observing glance toward the surroundings.

There was also movement from another side. They've started spreading out to surround the place.
Once the encirclement is finished, only then they will come.

Still, I'm not going to move. I'll give you the first strike. What I need to do, is to not let Hado escape.

Mukuro hasn't noticed our presence, it's our chance.... That must be what Hado is thinking now.
Originally, Holy Knights like Hado are meant to subjugate the stronger demons that overflows from the Gallia continent. However compared to his brother Rafal, Hado who'd never saw Gallia continent is like a goldfish.
In a word, despite having a fit body, Hado is actually a rather timid person. He's the kind of guy that will only fight if he's sure that he can win. Having worked with him for 5 years, I knew that bastard all too well.

By using the seemingly easy subjugation of Mukuro as leverage, he wishes to contribute a little to the kingdom, so that he won't be sent to the Gallia continent.
As a holy knight, Hado had no ambition to become stronger. That guy, he only wants to use his position as a holy knight to gain power and status. Burix family itself was a collection of those kind of people

『Fate, here they come!』
[Yeah, I can see that too.]

According to what Greed had said, the enemies had started moving. From behind, and right side, I could hear bowstrings being pulled. Due to the boost from being in semi-starving state, I could hear such minute detail as clear as day.

I jumped away from my original spot once the bows has been released at the same time, and managed to evade two arrows.
At my unexpected evasion maneuver, those people who're hiding on the forest gasped――I could sense that they're shaken.

I drew out the black sword Greed when I landed back on the ground.

『Shall we?』
[Just a little more, let's wait.]

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