Chapter 1 - A Series of Rather Fortunate Events

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This isn’t set in any season but somewhere in mid-July in 2006

This is my idea though the characters featured in Doctor Who and Torchwood are not and some of the plot line is similar to a Doctor Who episode. I haven’t watched Torchwood so if any facts contradict those of the show I apologise in advance, how about we say it’s set before Torchwood.


   I have a pretty average life; one mum, one dad and an annoying little prat for a brother. I live in Australia, Sydney to be exact, and well there’s not much else to tell. Except for the big question for all kids, what are you going to do with your life? My dad works in markets and shares and all that business stuff. My brother wants to do the same, have I mentioned he’s the world’s biggest nerd, 'cause he is. My mum has by most people’s terms a lame job, she’s a librarian. Yeah, yeah I know but at least it means I get to spend a lot of time in a library. And now since I’ve turned eighteen I need to choose what I’m gonna do.

   As for what I want to do in life well that’s easy I've always wanted to go on adventures, solving crimes, quests, defeating the bad guy, saving the world. But what isn’t the problem, it’s how. Of course life isn't like that. So I've turned to the next best thing, writing. As my characters I can go on as many adventures as I like without even leaving my chair. I'm going to England to study, do Uni and such then I'm coming back to Australia.

   But that’s enough boring backstoryness 'cause now’s the good part.


   I step out of the taxi, blinking in the glare reflecting from the windows of surrounding buildings. A cloud drifts lazily across the sun and a slight breeze picks up. I shiver involuntarily, wrapping my arms around myself. Although it is well into the second month of summer, it’s a windy day and I am used to the heat of Australian summers.

   I look up at the old apartment block, which is in good need of some repairs. It reminds me of an elderly man using their last few years to watch the fancy new sky scrapers emerge and mutter about ‘back in its day’ and ‘real buildings’. It’s completely made from brick, besides the door and windows, with an alleyway down one side. I’m almost disappointed it doesn’t have ivy crawling up the walls. It looks as if-

 The clearing of a throat pulls me out of my thoughts and brings my attention back to the cab and, more importantly, it’s driver. “Oh, sorry.” I apologise, scrambling to the trunk and pulling out my bags all the time inwardly cursing my ability to get so easily distracted. I rummage through my wallet, paying the driver what I owe. Without another word he speeds off.

   “Rude.” I mutter under my breath. Yeah I got distracted but it’s not like he’s gonna be late for anything, unless he is. If he is then I sincerely apologise but how was I to know.  Turning around I make my way over to what is to be my home for the next few years.

   “You want some help with those?” A male brunet offers smiling. I nod gratefully, clothes are surprisingly heavy, and smile back. He bends down and picks up one of my bags. I take this opportunity to scrutinize him as often when you try to do so it is considered rude while all you’re trying to do is decide what you think of them.

   He’s tall, a lot taller than me but then again most people are. I’d guess him to be six foot one, two? He has messy brown hair and blue eyes. I really like blue eyes, best mutation our body has done yet, I wish my eyes were blue instead of boring brown. I can tell he has and easy smile and is pretty outgoing. He wears both suspenders and a belt, probably as a fashion accessory rather than to keep his pants up. He’s good looking, I reflect, very good looking. In fact to good looking to be wasting any time helping me, so why is he helping me? Maybe he’s just a helpful person. “Like what you see?” he winks, gesturing at himself.

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