17: Glutton Caused by Gluttony

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Weekly Chapters (2/2)

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Episode 17 – Glutton Caused by Gluttony

After I checked the state of the Kobolds, I started my action.

[Fate, do you have a plan?]

Greed seems to find it interesting. However, I think he understands what kind of strategy that I want to do.

[I'll eat while fighting]
[Do you finally understand? It's about time for you to detach yourself from the normal way that everyone else fights; I was actually getting into trouble because of it. You need to keep fighting while slowly consuming your enemies' souls]

I set-up the black bow while paying attention to being focus. I aimed at one Kobold Junior.
The magic arrow accurately pierced the left eyes of the Kobold Junior.

[Glutton skill activated]
[Endurance +880, Physical Strength +890, Maguc +350, Spirit +400, Agility +780 has been added to status]

The start of the hunt is signaled by the inorganic voice in my head.
I shot the second arrow at a Kobold Juniors eye, and a shot at a third. My status rose further.

I was attacking from a location that I have made sure to be safe. The Kobolds' formation began to crumble into disorder. However, the Crown Kobold raised its voice and calmed the other Kobolds.
And then, judging the direction where the arrow flew from, it gave instructions to the Kobolds.

As I thought, this crown Kobold is strong and has a cautious character.
It is a fact that it sent scouts yesterday and today before it came down to the valley after confirming its safety.

The Crown Kobold doesn't move from his spot, making two Assault Kobolds and ten Kobold Juniors go to the direction where I'm lurking.

[They came. Go retreat now]

I quietly withdraw straight to the depth of the forest. Now, they will trace my smell that remains here.

I hide in the shadow of a big rock that I found within reasonable distance. Although I'm in a hidden place, the smell of my trail still remains. The Kobolds will find me easily.

If I do not do that, I will be troubled even after I invited you all.

[They came, Fate]

I take a sneak peek out from the big stone, and I appraise one of the Assault Kobolds.

– Assault Kobold – Lv 40
Endurance: 50000
Physical Strength: 50000
Magic: 27000
Spirit: 28000
Agility: 45000
Skill: Agility Strengthening (Medium)

It seems my status is higher than its. Then, I will aim for the small fish first.
I did a preemptive attack on the Kobolds who were trying to surround me, who was hiding behind the rock.

I jumped on the rock, continuously shooting with the Black Bow.
Five Kobold Juniors, Six, Seven... I won't let you to escape. Even if you try to evade, this magic arrow will pursue and pierce you without fail.

All of the Kobold Juniors who had surrounded me were defeated.
Hearing the inorganic voice in my head, instinctively I smile broadly.

If you defeat a lot of small fishes, it'll definitely become helpful. That's what I have learned through Goblin hunting.
Now only two Assault Kobolds are the remaining pursuers.
Although my status exceeded theirs, there was not a great difference.

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