14: The girl with a wicked weapon

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Weekly Chapters (1/2)

Sorry for the one-day late update. I was away on family vacation during the weekend, thus unable to get decent internet connection during the trip. >w<)

Enough chit-chat with IRL stuff, on this 'Home coming' arc/chapters gonna be development and lovey-dovey scene between Fate and Roxy. Roxy's mom is sure a very interesting lady. XD

Aaaand, there is a Raizu's Quest Inside!


Translator: Raizu

Episode 14 – The girl with a wicked weapon

When the carriage arrived in the front of the mansion, there was a single woman supported by housemaids the both of her sides.
Her face was pale and looked sick. Her face resembled Roxy's and was very lovely.
Most likely, she was...

[Mother, I have told you that greeting us is unnecessary!]

Ah, as I thought, she was Roxy's mother.
In the tea time that I often had with Roxy, I heard her mother suffered from a serious illness. To meet her directly like this, I never would have expected this to be happening.
She looked pale and seemed like she would vomit blood at any moment, it wouldn't be weird if she collapsed anytime.

Since that's what I saw, no wonder that Roxy became panicked because she was her family.
She was the last of her family, so it's natural... Moreover, the serious illness that cannot be cured even with the position and financial power from Heart Family...

[Please, don't push yourself]
[I'm alright, Roxy. My condition is better than usual today... Oh!?]

Roxy panicked in front of her mother. Her mother calmed down her and stared at me.
Her face was like... a child that received a very interesting toy.

[Oh my oh my, who is he?]
[He is... Fate Graphite. A new servant that I have just employed. I wanted to introduce him to mother, so I brought him over]

When Roxy introduced me, I bowed down.

[I am Aisha Heart. I'm glad you came here at this time. Welcome]
[Thank you very much. My best regards!]
[Yes, my best regards for you too. Now, let's come inside]

After we received Aisha's instructions, without holding back, the housemaids forcibly led me inside the residence. Ooh, is this a kind of welcoming...?
Then, only Roxy stood alone on the outside.

[Wait, mother! He is my servant, you know!]

I was forcibly taken into a luxurious guest room. They made me sit on the seat of a small table near the window. And finally I was released from the restraint of the maids.

Roxy's mother sat on my front seat. Aisha, I think she was an overbearing person.
A bit late later, Roxy came. She puffed her cheeks, she seemed a little bit angry to her mother who did such a selfish thing.

[Maa, Roxy is also come? Saa, sit here]

Even while saying so, Roxy sat obediently on the seat. Apparently, it was routine for the Heart family to have a tea party first after returning home.
The reason why Roxy liked tea parties was most likely because of her mother's influence.
When I am thinking so, Aisha smiled,

[Fate-san, do you like Roxy?]

Eee!? I almost sprayed out the tea that I was drinking. More like, it had blown away for a bit.
As the first thing she said after opening her mouth was a question like that, I grew flustered. Roxy's face also turned red and she lost her temper.

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