12: The Rumour in The Bar.

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Episode 12 The Rumour in The Bar.

I changed my clothes and left my room. Since my physical condition has been improved, I told my fellow employee that I wanted to go out. And to hide it from Roxy, I told them that I just wanted to get some fresh air. People of the Heart Family are all nice people.

I walk from the Holy Knight district to the commercial district. However, I didn't go to the bar directly because it was just past noon, so I decided to kill time.
Though I say that, currently I only have one silver coin and 20 copper coins. Since it's not payday yet for Heart Family employees, I cannot shop for anything expensive.

The amount of my money will be reduced even more when I spend it in the bar later, so I go to the flea market where I bought the black sword Greed.

At that time, when I came to the stall where the shopkeeper was being arrogant, my clothes were dirty so I was not treated as a guest.
However, as a Heart Family employee now, my personal appearance is decent. Now if I enter his shop, I'm likely not gonna be treated like last time.

When I looked at the stalls while walking around, searching for bargains, I used the Appraisal skill. Even if I don't have any knowledge about the items, I can see its value.

If I do this well, I can buy the items cheaply and resell them. Well, even if I want to sell the items—if I don't have customers to sell them to, I guess that doesn't work.

Even without doing that, there are various things I can do. I'll try [Appraisal] with this large elegant plate on my hand.

[Oh, this is amazing. The cracked plate was restored beautifully. Although I don't understand it, it is splendid work. The other plates are also same]

Just then, the shopkeeper who was negotiating with the customer by my side, glared at me with a stern expression.
In addition, the customer got angry after he heard my voice, pushing back the plate that he wanted to buy from the shopkeeper. And after he said he had been cheated, the shopkeeper replied that he was not being cheated, and a large debate started.

This is... an unpleasant situation. I went away before got caught in it.

[Yaa, that was dangerous]
[Be careful from now on. People with the Appraisal skill tend to be disliked by merchants]

Greed warned me of my careless behaviour.

[People who lie to the others for profit are the bad guys]
[Well, although you're correct, they did that to eat. Their circumstances require them to lie.]

In the flea market where the lonesome merchants gather, it seems normal for them to be like that.

I pulled myself back together and resumed my stall rounds, when I found something interesting.

It was on the shelf, alongside a hat and helmet. It looked pretty scary, but at the same time it was strangely inviting.

I used [Appraisal] on it.

Skull Mask Endurance: 20
The ability of others to recognize the wearer is obstructed, with the wearer looking like different people to them.

I can use this!

Greed agreed with my idea.

[You found something good. This was made a long time ago for a dance party. It's an antique item, but it should work if you put some magical power into it]

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