[1] - Rise Of The Snakes

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Before you ask because I know a lot of people will ask, I didn't copy and paste the script from a website. I actually watched the show while I wrote this, so that's why all the chapters will take so long, and why they have so much detail. Other thing, in this the Ice Shuriken's and Lightning Nun-chucks, instead of being gold, they are silver. That's the only difference. Ok! Onto the story!


Long before time had a name, the first spinjitzu master created Ninjago using four elemental weapons. But when he passed a dark presence sought out to collect them all: Lord Garmadon. So I, Sensei Wu, his brother, sought out to find four ninja to collect them first.

3rd P.O.V.

Sensei Wu sat on the ground, as an incense emitted a relaxing steam into the room. "Fire strike!" Kai shouted loudly, catching Senesi Wu's attention out of his peaceful meditation.

Sensei Wu stood up, and followed the sound of Kai bragging "Oh, my gosh, is that the greatest move you've ever seen!"

"Stop trying to do it yourself we need to attack as a team!" Cole told them.

Sensei Wu opened the door to the training ground, and was surprised to find it empty. "Zane why are you wasting your special attack on me? You have to save it!" Jay complained.

Sensei Wu crossed the training ground, to what the Ninja had created to be their game room. He opened the door, to see the four ninja playing a video game. Cole, a young man with black scruffy hair in a black ninja gi, was standing, and hitting the buttons furiously. Anyone who would watch him play, would just think he's button mashing, but to him, he always has a secret plan in mind. Jay, a childish boy with brown-ginger hair and a blue ninja gi, was sitting down hitting buttons strategically, thinking about his attacks. Zane, a smart and responsible male with platinum hair and a white ninja gi, was making dramatic movements and hitting buttons, after going through possible mistakes he could make, and having next to perfect timing. Kai, a hotheaded young man with spiky brown hair and a red ninja gi, was slouched forward, intent on the game. "But the lesson lives on, and I am getting the hang of it." Zane taunted playfully.

"Okay. Now!" Cole shouted, as Sensei Wu passed them.

He unplugged the T.V. in the middle of the boys game. "What happened?" Jay whined.

"It took us three hours to get there!" Cole complained.

"Why would you do that? Why?" Jay questioned furiously.

"Just because Lord Garmadon escaped through a vortex, doesn't mean he won't return one day for the Gold and Silver weapons of Spinjitzu." Sensei lectured. (If you didn't read above, go read it.)

"But Sensei Wu, ever since he's been gone, Ninjago has had nothing but peace." Zane pointed out.

"Yeah, peace is boring. There's no one to save. There's nothing to do." Jay added.

"We can train tomorrow." Cole sighed, as he laid back and crossed his legs.

"Never put off until tomorrow what can be done today." Sensei told them wisely.

"Well, I was gonna eat this pizza tomorrow, so if that's the case..." Cole sneered, as he reached to take a bite.

Sensei Wu kicked it out of his hand. "No pizza for you! In order for you to reach your full potential you must train!" He ordered firmly.

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