The End

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Oh my gosh. Belong To You is officially finished. It's a sad day. 

I would first like to start off by saying thank you to everyone that read the book and continued to remind me to update. Without you guys this book wouldn't be what it is now. Thank you to those who pushed me to continue the book and extent it out even further. I am happy that I finished, it is bitter sweet. 

Now on to more exciting news. As of right now there will NOT be a sequel. BUT I purposefully left the ending semi-open so I could make a sequel. Right now I am trying to finish up my other books. My book series Vampire Mate (Forever & Always) and my new story My Two Doms. So for right now I'm trying to focus on these two books. But there is still a possibility for a sequel. So be patient and if you haven't already check out my other books. Hopefully that can hold you over for the time being. 

All I want to say is thank you. Without your guys help and support this book could not have happened.


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