2: The Struggling Gluttony Skill

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Chapter 2 – The Struggling Gluttony Skill

After drank my wine, I decided to go see Roxi's situation before going back to my run-down house. Because of the matter with Rafal's group, I was worried about her.
No matter how sly Rafal is, I do not think he will start to harass her immediately. However, of that fearless smile of his that he showed when he left, I cannot get it out of my mind.
Even if something happens, I may not be able to become her power, but at least I should be able to become a meat wall for her.

With the moonlight outside, I could see the location of where the castle gate was. She was doing her guard work properly.

I was relieved, with this I can have peace of mind, it seemed that my worries were unfounded. To the girl who did her work properly, [Roxy-sama, please do your best], I will be rooting for her in my heart.

And then, when I was about to take my leave back home, I noticed that there was a shadow that climbed the wall on the east side.

It was a blind spot from Roxy and the other guards, but I could see it clearly from the place I was standing.
I'm sure that's a thief. That thief seems to be climbing up the wall and wanting to sneak into the castle in the middle of the night. In a hurry, I run to Roxy who standing by as guard.

[Roxy-sama, it's urgent!]

[What's happened? You have not returned back home yet...?]

[While I was strolling to get some fresh air, I saw a suspicious person sneaking into the castle. That person climbed over from the east wall on the other side.]

[Is that true!?]

[There is no mistake. I saw it with my own eyes]

I feel uneasy because I'm suddenly asking for her to believe me. However, after Roxy looked into my eyes,

[I believe you. I'll go toward that place, can you stay guard here in the meanwhile?]

[Yes, I will]

I received the spear with the crest of Kingdom from Roxy.

[May the fortune of war be with you, Roxy-sama]

[Please leave it to me. I have my weapon with me]

She pulled out a silver-white sword and ran toward the direction that had pointed to. So fast... As expected from a Holy Knight.
Her figure disappeared into the dark with surprising swiftness.

Soon, I heard the scream of a man. I can easily imagine Roxy defeating the thieves one after another.
From the number of the men's screams, there are a considerable number of thieves. Two, no, I am certain there are three people.

But, Roxy is a Holy Knight. She won't lose against thieves. Sure enough, the clamor turns quiet.
While I was relieved thinking it was already over, there is an adult man runs-up to my direction from the darkness.

I'm sure he is a thief that Roxy missed killing. As he approaches, his appearance gradually comes into view clearly because of the moon's shine.
This is... I hold my breath.

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