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~2 Years Later~

Dear Uncle Mike, 

I'm writing you this letter as this is the only connect you may get from me for a while.

 I would first like to say thank you. What you did for N was very sweet.

 I know that it goes against everything you were taught, but it was for the best.

 N and the rest of the gang have left the business and are pursuing other careers.

 Z is working at a near by high school as a English teacher and is head of the art department. 

As for his counter part, Z and P welcomed their first child 1 year ago and are expecting another one.

 H is working as a therapist and R is his receptionist. 

Li and Lo opened their own gym. 

As for S, she and P opened a small little shop in town. 

Sc is a math teacher and the same school as Z and is expecting her first child in May.

 As for N and I, we eloped a little over a year ago and are expecting baby number 2 in three months. 

E has grown so much. As for me, I stay home and take care of her.

I sometimes help at the shop and the gym but mostly I stay at home.

As for N, he is co-owner and a personal trainer at the gym. 

I know that you may be wondering where I am and all but unfortunately I am unable to tell you. 

All I can say is that we moved to a familiar place of N's. I miss you.

And I'm sorry that it has come to this. I hope one day you'll understand why I chose this life. 


                                                        Your Niece 

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