44 (Unedited): Talking and Asking

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Talking and Asking

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"Talk huh? Even if you said so, I also don't know a lot of things." (Doris)

Soma nodded with a bitter smile since he didn't mind about it. If Doris was fine with it, at least the talk was starting.

After all, this was really a foolish talk.

For example, how big the town called Lumberg and what was in that area.

Those people who had been there knew the answers.

In the first place, rather than not knowing a lot, Doris could count how many times she had been in that town.

It wasn't necessary to go there, and she also didn't have spare time.

Although it was embarrassing, Doris was considered one of the strongest in this remote region.

There were many other things she could do for them.

Nevertheless, she was requested to tell what she knew...

While continuing the talk, Doris made a fleeting glance to see Sheila's condition.

She still couldn't see that face, but... if it wasn't her imagination, Sheila was extremely interested in Soma.

The reason was obvious, of course.

That was why Doris was surprised.

She didn't expect that there were some people besides Sheila who were looking for ways to make magic usable.

"..Well, is that about it?" (Doris)

"Hmm... according to you, the place is certainly prosperous, but... as I expected, there are monsters that appear in the surrounding area of that place." (Soma)

"What? Are you concern about that? Certainly, the number of adventurers there is according to the scale, but that's because I notice how much the monsters are defeated. That fact itself won't change." (Doris)

"Is it such a thing? ...I almost didn't see any monsters until I came here, so I thought that it depends on the place." (Soma)

"Aah, which remind me, you guys came from there, right? Well, it isn't surprising to think so, but rather, this was the only exception." (Doris)

Doris was employed as a substitute for the Adventurer Guild branch in Yeasta, and this place was said to be the northernmost guild branch in the Radius Kingdom.

The reason was simple. it was because there was no Adventurer Guild branch in Neumont Duchy.

The reason why the adventurers weren't going there was because... their main job which were subjugation of monsters and bandits didn't happened over there.

Before it happened, the lord proxy would announce that the Duchess already discovered and annihilated them.

If the people in the town did it, it would be good for the branch, but for adventurers, their main source of income was mainly that two.

Although there were occasional request from the people in this town, the profit wasn't good.

There were people who collect the materials, but since that alone couldn't make them earn enough to live their daily life, that was something came after the subjugation.

Since the adventurers were also not doing charities and they did it to live, they wouldn't go to place where they couldn't make money.

On the other hand, it couldn't be said that the Duchess would stop subjugating the monsters.

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