42 (Unedited): The End of the Test

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The End of the Test

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To be honest, Doris held an unexpected impression.

She was murmuring inside because of the scene spread before her.

As expected, it was good to entrust the test to Sheila.

"Well... she is stronger than me. Of course I understand that, but this world is big after all..." (Lina)

"I can't tell the difference. By the way, why she can move with that appearance..." (Aina)

While listening to such conversation, Doris was narrowing her eyes because of Aina's words.

Scattering sparks happened along with consecutive hard sound resounded.

That was all that Doris could recognize.

Yes... Doris couldn't even see their swords clashed.

She couldn't give that excuse just because she was staying at the rear.

To begin with, Doris was supposed to stand over there.

From the wooden sword that was tied to the waist, it seemed that Soma was aware about the sword's range.

"Hmm... in this way... no, that's not good. After all, that person is strong. I wouldn't be able to defend against the continuous attacks this time." (Lina)

"In my case, before she uses that continuous attack, I probably will be done by the first blow." (Aina)

Doris was also agreed with that.

Perhaps, she wouldn't even be able to prevent the first blow if she stood in his place.

Even now, the best she could do was to perceive the sound and sparks.

At close range, she wouldn't be able to do anything. Plus, she was probably being defeated before she realized it.

But, it was true that Doris should be surprised whether Soma had the abilities until that degree. Actually, there was one other thing that she thought it was unexpected.

Sheila's abilities were also far beyond expectations.

Doris definitely knew that Sheila was stronger than her.

She indirectly listened that story when she brought Sheila out, but... it was a story of having an above average ability.

Even if the skill rank was similar, but Sheila was stronger probably because she had better proficiency.

But, that was wrong.

That wasn't the story of that level.

Doris understood because she could see them... no, it was because she couldn't see at all.

Sheila's skill was even higher than Doris'. In fact, it was the Special Rank.

Doris thought that even if she said so, she also didn't know about such thing while treating Sheila as her partner. However, she didn't think that she wasn't trusted by Sheila.

In the first place, regardless of trust, skills weren't something to be talked about.

Skills were like a lifeline especially for adventurers.

It was a standard to say nothing and thought about unlikely events, and it was Doris herself who taught that to Sheila.

Even if Doris wanted to complain, she couldn't do it.

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