When an idiot got passionate about bananas

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"That's enough twirling for one day, Rags," Archer said, putting his arms around her neck in a headlock. He was taller than Cooper, and Cooper was almost unhealthily underweight, so it was quite easy to drag his body home this way. He was beyond embarrassed at the scene Rags had caused on the sidewalk to worry about the fact he was being too rough with her. He just wanted to get home as soon as possible.

"Hey, I can walk on my own!" Rags tapped Archer's arm for him to release her, but he wouldn't budge. Her neck was beginning to feel strained from all the pulling. Even though she didn't remotely consider herself to be a masochist, Rags actually welcomed this discomfort. When one came from a state of not being able to feel anything, even pain could be inviting.

It wasn't until the three guys arrived in front of their apartment that Archer finally let go of Cooper's thin body. While he was fishing for the keys in his pocket, Rags couldn't help getting the sudden feeling that her time in this living body was slowly coming to an end. She began to feel a weak tug forward that grew stronger the closer she got to the door. Only, the tug wasn't on Cooper's body but on her ghost one that had stepped inside his. It was as if a vacuum cleaner was trying to suck her spirit out of Cooper's.

Rags knew it was a cruel thing to think, but she didn't want to leave Cooper's body, at least not yet. She had just experienced the joys of being able to fully feel again. She didn't want to go back to her numb ghost-self. At the same time, it wasn't like she could occupy Cooper's body forever. That would essentially be like stealing his entire life, which wasn't fair to him at all. Also, though greatly insignificant to the first reason, Rags was getting the urge to use the bathroom and she did not want to go through the male version of such an experience. And out of all the things, it was that thought that managed to convince Rags it was time to return to ghost-mode.

The moment Rags stepped through the front door, the invisible force on her grew so strong she was practically thrusted out of Cooper's body. She had to put both her arms out to regain her balance. Archer and Skyler switched gazes from their dead roommate to their living one, greatly confused as to what had just occurred but also relieved to have their best friend back.

Archer uttered, "Coops? Are you there, bud?"

Cooper dully looked back at him, blinking a few times in an attempt to wake himself up. To him, it had felt like he'd just gotten up from a long dream. "What just like happened, man? Aren't we going to get breakfast?"

Archer shook his head. "We already did. There's no easy way to tell you this, but Rags accidentally possessed your body before you left."

Cooper wasn't as surprised to hear this as Archer expected. He was more disappointed than anything at having missed out on his favorite meal of the day. "So, what did I eat—" His eyes widened, taking in the awful sweet taste in his mouth. He smacked his lips a few times to confirm if it was really what he thought it was, which he truly hoped it wasn't. Nearly gagging, he exclaimed, "Ah, ew! Don't tell me I ate a banana! I hate bananas!"

When Archer said Cooper wouldn't be happy with her choice of menu at the café, Rags doubted his distaste for the yellow fruit could be this bad. Now feeling slightly guilty, she quietly admitted, "I did have some banana bread..."

Cooper began frantically wiping his tongue on both of his palms. He then ran in the direction of the bathroom to wash out his mouth and also deal with the sudden fullness in his bladder. But before he left the living room, he momentarily turned around to glare at the guilty ghost. "Not cool, Rags. Not cool. Like I don't mind you taking over my body and whatever, but if you're going to be eating those mushy, tropical boomerangs, possess Archer instead! He'd gladly put a banana in his mouth any day."

Archer didn't understand why he had to be brought into this. He put his hands on his hips. "Just what are you implying, Coops?"

"You already know what I'm implying! You suck dick. And you suck dick even more, Rags!" Cooper cried out before entering the bathroom and slamming the door shut behind him. As it turned out, he was very passionate about his hatred for bananas.

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