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Hawaii was the most memorable trip of Anika's life

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Hawaii was the most memorable trip of Anika's life. Never in her life, she had enjoyed so much before. Nirav's company and his tender love were all enough to maintain a constant smile on her face. She actually lived her life to the fullest extent in that 7 days trip. Nirav, on the other hand, was happy to see that the gap between them was almost getting filled making their bond strong. Saying that Nirav was happy would be an understatement to express his feelings. He was on cloud nine. They went to Hawaii with just a 'husband-wife' tag but returned back from there with the tag of 'husband-wife who were in love with each other'.

Their flight landed back to Bangalore. Nirav and Anika's eyes started scanning through the airport in search of Nirav's parents who were supposed to receive them at the airport. Little did they both knew, there was a surprise awaiting them. When Anika finally saw her father-in-law waving his hand towards them, she pulled Nirav through the crowd in the direction of her in-laws. As they moved closer, Anika was shocked to see the scenario in front of her. Her happiness overpowered her shock and her face immediately lit with a wide grin. Not only her in-laws but also her parents and her brother Anish were waiting for both of them at the airport. 

She immediately dropped the bag in her hand and hugged Anish. She was brimming over with happiness. She went forward to hug her father, mother, and even her mother-in-law. Nirav did the same.  

"How are you, my child?", asked Suresh to Anika. But instead of waiting for her reply, she turned towards Nirav and said, "I hope my daughter isn't troubling you!" And with that, a wave of laughter emerged among them. 

"Oh dear, you look quite weak. Don't you have proper food?", Sunita asked Anika worryingly.

"Oh c'mon mom, I am in the same condition the way I left our home after marriage. Chill.", Anika answered.

They all headed towards the exit of the airport. Taking a good chance, Anish walked slowly behind everyone, also told Anika to do the same. When both of them were at a safe distance from others, Anish asked her softly, "Di, are you happy with Nirav?"

"Yes Anish, I am happy with him. He is the best life partner anyone could ever get.", she replied with an assuring smile.

"Oh wow! Great. I am so happy for you. So as far as I know, you are not one of the persons' who likes sitting at home. So when are you planning to resume working?", Anish asked.

At this question, Anika was short of words. Her face immediately fell. Noticing her sadness, Anish said, "Is there any problem di? You know you can share everything with me, right?"

"Yes, I know. There's no problem with Nirav, but his parents are really difficult to understand. They are sweet and caring and helpful. They take care of me as if I am their own daughter. But when it comes to my working, they just try to avoid it, not even avoid actually, they are straight away against it. I don't know how am I gonna tackle this issue. I just can't sit at home for the whole day.", Anika replied with a bit disgusted tone.

"Yeah right. What about Nirav then, doesn't he support you?", Anish asked.

"Well, that's another story. Leave it.", she replied.

"Okay, but I am sure he will support you in this." , he replied with a smile.

"Yes, I guess so.", she replied.

But before they could speak further, Vijay called them saying, "Do you guys want to stay back at the airport?" And hence both of them joined others. Outside the airport, Suresh said, "Okay Anika, we are leaving for Mumbai now. We were here just to see you. And Nirav, I must say, you have made my daughter all yours now. She is so busy with you that she always forgets to call her own parents. But I am happy for both of you."

"Why so soon dad? Wait for some more days. Spend some time with us please.", said Nirav.

"Yes, exactly dad. Why are you leaving so soon? Please wait.", said Anika.

"I wish I could my dear child but I have to go to work tomorrow itself. And I just wanted to assure myself that you are happy here so I was here.", he replied. Anika's eyes filled with tears. She was seeing her family after so many days and they were leaving so soon. It's always very painful for a daughter when after marriage she is not able to see her parents daily, not able to get their love and care. She handed her parents their gifts and bid them goodbye. 


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A U T H O R ' S   N O T E   :

Small chapter! I know! But this was a mandatory one. 

I know, not many things happened in this chapter, but the upcoming chapters will be having so many things. Trust me! 

Till then, happy reading!

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