Ch. 15 Love Stink

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It happens to be the day I hate most.....Valentine day. Mostly because I never had a valentine from anyone, I'm such a loner is sad. I have no date planned or anything. No chocolates or roses for me. No love letters or poetry for me. No oversized teddy bears or kiss on my cheek. I sigh depressed. I wonder sometimes what's wrong with me and why hasn't no one step up to ask me out cause there's no damn way Grimmjow and I will have something.

I came home empty handed and in the mailbox was full of cut shape hearts for Grimmjow and Chocolates. So I thought it be nice enough for me to take it to him. I found him in my bed sleeping, he look so cute tossing around. There was something he was holding onto, it was my sweater. I thought only girls did that kind of stuff but I guess guys do too.

I sat on my bed and crawl behind Grimmjow, I just lay inches away from him. He was so warm. I always wanted to tell him how I feel and these three words so I might as well tell him while he slept,


"I ...didn't know you ..felt that"

I sat up but he was snoring, could he possibly sleep talking?

"Grimmjow do you feel the same?"

"(_____) I want... you"

"Grimmjow" I blush

"Suck it harder"


"Bring your ass here...let me smack it"

My face got red. What the heck is he dreaming? I growl,


"Who's your... Daddy? Say my name"

"Grimmjow get up!"

Grimmjow launch off from the bed and saw me,


"Were you having a wet dream?"


"Explain that"

I point out to the major boner he had.

"Morning wood"

"In the afternoon?"


"Whatever you say"

"What are all these cut outs and candy?"

"Oh is Valentine day and your secret admirers sent you all that"

"Valentine day?"

"Is the day of love, when Eros goes on a rampage paring up lovers"

"So did you got anything?"


"Sucks. Does that mean no likes you then?"

"Hopefully not"

My eyes began to water and I ran downstairs. My mother ask

"What's going on?"

I cry out dramatically,

"No one likes me"

"That's not true honey I'm sure lots of guys like you but are shy or maybe someone scares them away"

She point up the ceiling as in meaning Grimmjow.

"Mom, he doesn't Iike me"

"Don't worry my little pumpkin"

"Are you saying I'm fat too?"

"No sweety"

"You called me pumpkin!"

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