9.1 Scarlett's Art Of Saving Lives

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"Did you tell your mom?" I ask him, stirring sugar into my morning coffee

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"Did you tell your mom?" I ask him, stirring sugar into my morning coffee.

"I did."

Aiden's voice first thing in the morning is better than the coffee that makes me function throughout the day. He doesn't know it yet since I haven't said it clearly, but I've begun to look forward to his text on my phone as soon as I wake up. Even with bleary eyes and half my brain still recovering from the fact that night has ended, my hands reach for the phone for my morning dose of 'Aiden'.

"What did she say?" I take a sip of my coffee before screwing the lid on top of the thermal mug I will be carrying to work. I'm late today because I decided to spend too long getting ready. I'd be lying if I said it was for work as the truth couldn't be farther from it.

Aiden is leaving for Boston tonight and I'm inwardly hoping he'll drop me a surprise visit before he leaves. I know he has a long trip by road, not to mention quite a lot of packing to do, but a part of me hopes he can spare a couple of hours and visit the center so he can say goodbye one last time. I haven't told him I want that, but I want that.

I can't help but want that.

"She called me selfish for wanting to leave with everything going on," he says, sounding indifferent when I know he really cares. "Oh, and she also said I'm a terrible person for leaving my brother when he needs me most. I mean, she's kind of right about that ..."

"Hey, you're not a terrible person," I say, holding the phone between my ear and shoulder just long enough to zip my bag and pull it over my arm. "You haven't settled there yet, it makes no sense for you to take Owen along when you don't even have a place to stay yet. Besides, you're doing this for everyone, not just yourself. This isn't selfish, this is smart."

I hear Aiden chuckle a little. "I should listen to your pep-talks more often," he says, sounding more relaxed than he was when he called me.

"You shouldn't listen to anyone more than you listen to your own head," I correct him, waving for Sebastian. The old man bows his balding head and hurries over to open the gate as I get into the back seat of the car.

"Shouldn't I listen to my heart instead of my head?" Aiden asks.

"Not really. Scientifically, the brain controls the heart too. All our emotions, all our intellect and memories, they're all in the head. People just say 'listen to your heart' so they can sound more philosophical."

Aiden is already laughing by the time I stop talking. I smile to myself as Sebastian pulls the car onto the road and heads in the direction of my center.

"Beautiful and smart, I like you," he comments.

"I like you too," I say before I can stop myself.

"And confident," Aiden adds, sounding amused. "How did I get so lucky?"

"What can I say? Maybe God just decided to show you some extra love."

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