Rose Middleton

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"How did you get in my kitchen?" I asked her still on high alert. "You left the door unlocked and this pack is pretty easy to sneak into." She answered with a small smile on her lips. I gave her an unimpressed look. "Anyway I'm not here to criticise this pack's very weak patrol, but here to see you, my goddess." She got on her knee and submitted, showing she wasn't a threat although I didn't let my guard down fully. Wow you are the moon goddess and you didn't sense her presence in the kitchen. Neither did you. But I did. What!? Why didn't you tell me. It's was funny! Seeing you making you pancakes while a potential hostile was standing behind you and waiting for the Oh so powerful Moon Goddess to notice her. Whatever.

"So Rose, why are you here? If it's not to kill me." I asked casually. She seemed to get a little nervous at this point. "I am here to ask my goddess, you, if you could help me." Help her? "My goddess, I am a shifter, the last one of my kind. I am called a shifter because I can shift into more than one animal. My main shift is a Snow leopard so I am kind of a werecat like you." She smiled and I looked at her in disbelief. "That is so cool! Can I see your shift!?" I asked enthusiastically. She smiled again and then her bones started snapping and moving and within a few seconds, a large and beautiful snow leopard was standing in front of me, proud of my awe-strucken face. It's every snupernatual's dream to impress their alpha never mind their clumsy goddess.

Her bones started re-arranging again and she started shifting into a smaller wolf, a white wolf although it was still as big as an alpha. Next was a fox which was too big to look real. Then she shifted back and her clothes were still on.

"Right, Shifter." I muttered to myself. A terrifying growl pulled me from my thoughts and I watched as Bricky shifted into his giant grey wolf and stood in front of me, guarding me from the unknown power. I tried to step to the side but he wouldn't let me. And when Rose tried to move forward, he lunged pushing her down with his paw and gently placing his jaws over her throat so if she moved, she would die. I would express how happy I am that he used that technique I taught him but now is really not the time.

"Bricky!" My sharp voice made him look at me. "Stand down!" I growled, feeling slightly protective of the girl. He just whined and trotted over to sit next to me, not before sending Rose a little glare. "Your shifting abilities are really cool and all but what do you want from me? And is it actually that easy to find me?"

After that little scene, Rose revealed that she is the destined Werecat alpha and must be appointed by the moon goddess herself. She may seem cocky at first but she was just nervous I think as she is actually really nice. We really hit it off, probably because both our parents were killed which meant we understood the gaping whole we held in our hearts. Now that's just sad.

"So this is Rose and sh-" I was immediately cut off as Amy squealed and ran up to her talking about how gorgeous she is and her hair is so nice. Julie was a bit more cautious but before long (and I'm talking minutes) they were like besties. It's because they are all werecats. They have found their alpha. "As I was saying she is your new alpha." The girls whipped around and stared at me wide eyed. "We are leaving your pack?" Amy asked, sounding a little sad.

"Yeah, she is a shifter, your alpha, you have to. Plus you are now werecats and you won't want to live in a pack of just wolves. Trust me, the only reason I am still sane is because of you two idiots." I smiled reassuringly, totally up for the idea. What a horrible speech. "What about our mates?" Julie asked, lips twitching upwards at the thought of her's. "They will be fine. You will be in the first werewolf-werecat pack. It will be the strongest pack, with no corruption. Rose will be respected not feared and I will be a proud goddess. It's not like we are saying goodbye, hell I will probably stay in your pack. You will be the Beta, Amy and you, Julie will be Delta. Everything will be fine, I promise."

They both nodded and exitement bubbled up inside of them and they all jumped up and down. Gosh, what would I do without my girls? You would be dying. You know, for once I totally agree with you.

We spent the rest of the day talking in the lake, and Rose said she has a Pheonix? "Do they actually exist?" Amy asked curiously. "They are being hunted to extiction. When I found ash, she was really hurt and the only way I could save her is forming a bond with her. But she is the most beautiful creature you will ever see. Once I was with my friend Lilly and she drank the water that ash used as a toilet! Also she breathed fire on this plastic girl. I think half of her melted!" We laughed in front on the sunset. The four werecats.

That's another chapter done and dusted after... 500 years. I always say I'm sorry and criticise myself for not posting often enough but I never learn from my mistakes. Is that bad? I think so. Alright thanks for bearing with me and I hope you enjoyed,
Mayling xxxx

Watching Infinity war today and I am soooooooooooo exited it's unreal. I'm a giant marvel fan!!! Are you?? Love Tony and peter as father and son xxxx

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