Believe It Or Not

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Soon, we were in front of the arena, and the excitement began. There screaming fans and paparazzi all about.  Camilla and I giggled loudly from the thrill of just seeing it all. I stroked the backstage pass around my neck.

I was going to meet Tyga!

Gator and his friends drove around the arena to the back parking lot, where tour buses and trucks were. There were spaces for all three of our cars to park side by side, almost as if the spots were reserved for us. When we got out, I could hear screams, camera snapshots, and crickets in the bushes in the parking lot. Suddenly, one of the tour buses' doors opened.

A crew of people stepped out. They were walking in a way that formed a square, and someone I couldn't recognize was standing in the middle, hidden between all the people. The person was wearing a red cap that stood out among all the other dark colored heads, like a beast's eyes peeking through the dark bushes at night.

Before I knew it, they caught up with the crew. Honey told me she'd be back and went to follow them too. So Camilla and I walked behind them all, looking at everything and enjoying the scenery.

"What if we see Tyga on the way to the seating?" Camilla said to me. I just shrugged my shoulders. I was too busy trying to hide my anxiety to speak. 

It didn't take long for us to reach inside, where it was even louder than the parking lot. The original crew went in the back, while the people in the house scattered about the building. It was a big arena, yet there was almost nowhere to walk freely without bumping into someone. I asked Honey where the bathroom was, so Camilla and I could change, and she led us there. 

When Camilla and I changed into our outfits, we looked beautiful. Camilla was dazzling in her black dress, flats and shawl. I sighed as I looked at myself in the mirror and tried to remember all of Tyga's music videos that I had seen. I tried to see the video vixens in my mind, tried to imagine their outfits. They all barely had on any clothes in their videos to show off their curvy, enticing bodies. Would any one of them, the kind of girls that Tyga liked, where an outfit like mine? 

I decided that they wouldn't, but I didn't care.

We were just finishing with our light touches of makeup when Honey came in and said: "It's showtime, girls! Come on downstairs, you're getting on stage!"

And just like that, we were on Tyga's stage.

We didn't see his face. He was in front, performing his song 'In This Thang'. Honey, Gator, some other people that were in the house, Camilla, and I were in the far back, dancing to the music and waving at the camera.

Camilla and I couldn't stop laughing. We were shouting to each other over the loud music, and showing our faces on the camera. Camilla tried to inch forward to see Tyga's face, but she didn't want a crowd of thousands of people looking right at her.

It went like this for a couple of minutes, and then there was an intermission. Tyga exited a separate way from us, so we still didn't get to see his face. Now my heart was racing and my legs were a little weak; the nervousness was killing me!

Everyone had to use the bathroom, except for me. I stayed in the main backstage area, sitting on one of the fold chairs and going through my bag. I had about a million missed calls from Mama, but I didn't call her back.

Because really, who's worrying about their mom when they're minutes away from meeting Tyga?

I was thinking about texting Keron to ask him how everything was going back home, when someone walked into the room. I figured it was Honey or Camilla, so I didn't look up right away. But by the time I did look up, someone was standing in front of me.

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