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Yeri smiled and walked happily with joy. She swinged her and joy's hand slowly.

"That girl is weird.." she heard someone. Yeri frowned and looked at her clothes. Weird, nothing's wrong.

Joy seem to notice and gave a sad smile. "Don't mind them, there's nothing wrong with what you're wearing." Yeri felt okay and nodded.

"So where will we be going?" Yeri asked. "To your house." Joy replied and yeri nodded.

"I'm home eomma." Yeri planted a small kiss on her mother's forehead.

Yeri's mother smiled. "So, tell me about your friend."

"Oh! Sooyoung? She's very kind and sweet." Yeri smiled.

"That's great." Yeri's mother nodded and smiled at how her daughter has a great friend.

"Tomorrow I'll go visit your aunt, can you go aswell?" Her mother asked causing Yeri to freeze.

'I have to hang out with Joy. But oh well.' Yeri thought

"Sure, eomma. I'll come with you." Yeri replied

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