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"Mom, I'll go out and meet my friend again." Yeri waved

"Ok. Come home before 3pm." her mom said and Yeri nodded

Yeri skipped happily and went to the Ice Cream Shop.

She smiled when she saw her friend, Joy. She went inside and sat beside her friend.

"Hm, where should we go?" Yeri asked

"Let's go the arcade!" Joy exclaimed and Yeri nodded

The two girls exited the Shop and went to the arcade.

"Joy?" Joy looked at Yeri and smiled

"When were you born?" Yeri asked

"I was born on September 3, 1996." Joy replied

"Oh, you're older than me." Yeri said

"When were you born?" Joy asked

"March 5, 1999." Yeri replied

Yeri held Joy's hand and Joy smiled.

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