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"Thanks alot, Joy." Yeri smiled

"No problem! Tomorrow again okay?" Joy waved

"Yes." Yeri nodded and went inside

"Hi eomma." Yeri hugged her mother

"You seem happy today." Her mom smiled

"Yes, I met a friend." She smiled and went upstairs

"Hm." Yeri's mom wondered

"I can't wait for tomorrow!" Yeri giggled

"I guess I'll just meet her at the Ice Cream Shop." Yeri sighed

Yeri then got her diary and started writing


Dear Diary,

I met a friend! Her name is
Park Sooyoung, I call her Joy
though. She is really funny and
kind. I'll never forget the day we
first met. Which is today. <3

Love, Yeri.


Yeri smiled happily and then hid her diary.

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