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"I'll just walk for awhile." Yeri told her mother

"Okay, be careful." she smiled and Yeri nodded

"What a lovely day to walk." Yeri smiled

Yeri stopped infront of the ice cream shop and went inside.

Yeri then ordered and went to find a seat.

"Hi, mind if I seat with you?" a girl asked and smile

She is beautiful, her lips, her eyes. All perfect.

"S-sure." Yeri stuttered

"So, what's your name..?" The girl smiled

"O-oh, I'm Kim Yerim, but you can call me Yeri. You?" yeri smiled

"Park Sooyoung, Joy if you want." The girl replied

"Wanna be friends?" Joy asked and Yeri nodded

The two girls finished eating and went out. They both talked about their self and experiences.

"Hey, do you live here?" Yeri asked.

"Yeah." Joy nodded.

'Weird, i lived here since my childhood, she probably just moved in?' yeri thought.

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