Punishment- Poofless (Smut)

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Rob's P.O.V.

"We're not done yet baby boy... I still need to teach you a lesson." His chocolate brown eyes flickered open and as soon as he looked me in the eyes he lowered them again in submission. He was the perfect little sub. I placed one hand on his stomach and then pushed him back onto the bed, kissing him slowly and passionately before reaching for the box of supplies under my bed.

One of the things I first bought out was a pair of handcuffs and I then pushed Preston's hands up above his head, fastening them to the headboard. It left him completely at my mercy and I could do anything I wanted to him, which he knew very well. Sometimes my punishments could last for hours, and that was what I had planned for that night.

Once his hands were fixed to the headboard I dug around in the box. There was an impressive collection of dildos, many over 8 inches long, but I was looking for one in particular. It was well over 10 inches long and the base was as thick of my wrist, and it vibrated as well, making it the perfect punishment tool.

Preston paled as I brought it out and started to squirm under my weight on his chest, knowing exactly what was coming next. Other than him that is. (puns, punspunspuns afuckyou #markiplierreference)

"You know, next time we're home alone I might just fuck you in the kitchen instead, see how long you can stand up while being bent over on the kitchen table." I placed the dildo down and then grabbed one of the several gags I owned and placed it over his mouth, doing up the back slowly and painfully.

I was dragging everything out as long as I could, making Preston suffer as long as I could before fucking him until he passed out.

There was one more thing that I needed and I brought it out slowly, watching as Preston's face paled even more. It was a set of leg restraints that attached to the board at the end of the bed, which would mean he would be completely restrained and unable to move.

"This is your own fault you know... my rules are clear kitten." He knew he was going to have to give in, there was nothing he could do except that.

I then grabbed the bottle of lube off the dresser and opened the top, squeezing the clear liquid all over the thick dildo, making sure it was completely covered. I placed one hand on Preston's stomach and leaned down to kiss him over the gag, pushing the tip to his hole teasingly.

He was already stretched from earlier on, so I didn't bother to prep him, knowing it would make the punishment worse for him. I leaned back and looked him right in the eyes before shoving the dildo almost all the way in, making his body jolt.

He screamed out in both pain and pleasure and his eyes rolled back, his body jolting again under my weight and almost throwing me off. As he started to calm down I started to push it in further, watching as his legs trembled and his tiny whimpers became loud enough to be heard through the gag.

I was able to push it about three quarters of the way in before he started to cry out, loud enough for me to hear and I stopped, not wanting to hurt him that badly. He was tugging on the handcuffs and his face had gone red, his lips trembling in obvious pain.

I tutted and shushed him, flicking the switch at the end of the handle and feeling the younger jolt at the sudden wave of pleasure, crying out into the gag. He had thrown his head forwards and his muscles had tightened at the sudden vibrations that I had caused.

I climbed off him, leaving the dildo there, and then gave him a gentle kiss on his forehead before turning and walking to the door. I picked up a pair of track pants and pulled them on, before turning and looking right back at Preston, who was looking at me with wide eyes.

"Have fun kitten." He started to tug on the cuffs, panicking, but I turned my back and walked out the door, planning to wait for about an hour before going back to him.


An hour later I turned the door handle and pushed open the door, knowing exactly what was waiting for me inside.

He was still in the same position as he was before, his arms restrained above his head and legs roped to the board at the bottom of the bed. His eyes were closed and even from where I was standing I could see his arms shaking the dildo still vibrating, shaking the bed.

I could also see his cum streaked chest and his weak limbs, and I knew he was spent. I crept closer and watched as he was forced through one last orgasm, cum spurting weakly out of his cock one last time, before I finally decided to help him out.

The first thing I did was pull the vibrator out and I watched Preston sigh in relief through the gag, his entire body relaxing. I gently lifted his head up to undo the gag, slipping it out of his mouth and throwing it onto the floor, running my thumb across his cheek.

I reached up and uncuffed his hands, rubbing the red marks caused from him trying to pull his hands out of the cuffs, painful marks. I then moved down to untie his legs, pulling the leather straps off and also throwing them to the floor, carefully watching him for his responses to my movements.

He still had his eyes closed and I knew had passed out at some point during the hour I had left him alone, but he was starting to wake up and respond to my touches. I moved up to his head and moved it to my lap, running my thumb along his cheek with light movements.

"I think you've had enough baby boy, have you learnt your lesson yet?" He nodded weakly and leaned into my touch, desperate for some closeness from me. I smiled, but I still had one more thing to do and he knew it too.

I climbed on top of him and leaned down, kissing his lips gently and slowly. I knew to take it slow, be gentle and kind with him for one round so he knew everything was okay.

He was responding slowly to my touches, first opening his eyes and kissing back and then wrapping his arms around my back, linking them behind me and pulling me onto him. I reached down with one hand and pulled off my trackpants, kicking them to the floor and feeling my tip press to his pulsing hole.

I knew he was still exhausted and sore, but it didn't stop me slowly pushing myself into him, listening to his muted cries of pain. His fingernails dug into my back and then dragged down it, creating red and raised scratch marks as he arched his back underneath me.

I smiled to myself and then started to move, slowly and carefully at first but I started to speed up a little when little moans of pleasure started to fall from his lips. I pushed myself in and out of him, digging my nails into his back while he did the same to me, his head tilted back and his back arched.

I was going slowly, making it as pleasurable as possible for him but long and slow, drawing it out a little bit longer. I changed my angle of attack a few times and when he yelped out and closed his eyes in escatsy, I knew I had hit his prostate.

I hit that spot again and again, hearing his whorish moans falling from his mouth and his nails scrapping down my back, telling me he was getting close. It only took another few thrusts before he came all over my chest, sending me over the edge as well.

I fell onto his chest, panting, and pulled myself out, watching my cum leak out and onto the bedsheets. I sat up a little and ran my hands through Preston's hair, seeing him reach his arms out for me and my warmth.

I shook my head and stood up, going to grab a cloth to clean the cum off his chest and the bed so we could go to sleep. I knew he would be incredibly sore, now and in the morning too, so I knew to go gentle on him afterwards.

I wiped him down, gently cleaning his chest and bedsheets around him before settling myself down next to him and cuddling him close. He sighed happily and cuddled in beside me, falling asleep fast.

"I love you baby boy, sleep tight."

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