Taylr's P.O.V

"T, wake up." My brother Ray called shaking me slightly. I groaned.

"Leave me alone." I said, shooing him away.

"Its the first day of school though."

"Alright I'm getting up, give me 30 minutes and ill be downstairs." I said before sitting up.

"A'ight." He said, getting up and walking out the room.

I pulled the sheets from off of me, fully and walked into my bathroom. I did my hygiene routine and put on what I was wearing for today. I straightened my hair with a side bang. My hair was black and pretty lengthy, it reached down to my lower back. After I checked myself out in my full length mirror behind my door I was satisfied with how I looked so I headed down the stairs, going down two steps at a time.

"Good Morning, Taylr." My mom said looking up from the stove to acknowledge me then returned her attention back towards it. I walked over to her and kisses her cheek.

"Morning, Mommy." She smiled and kissed my forehead.

"Call your brother down for me." She said and if as on cue he came sliding down the bars of the stairs landing swiftly on his feet. Showoff. 

"Good Morning Mom and Little sister." He said before grabbing a plate of food.

"Morning." We both said. I got a plate of food and sat down next to Ray who was biting into a piece of bacon.

"Ready for your first day of being a senior?" He asked, grabbing the syrup and pouring it all over his pancakes.

To be honest I wasn't looking forward to this year at all, all because of Jacob Perez. The school bully, well mine. Ever since I started going to the same school as Ray hes felt the need to bully me. Me and Ray are only half brother and sister, same dad different moms.

My dad left my mom and then got married to Ray's mom. After dad left that's when my mom started becoming a dead beat. Just coming home late and always being drunk. She went to jail for being caught selling drugs. I heard she got out about 2 years ago and I could care less where she was now. It may sound a little harsh but it was the truth. I had no other choice but to come and live with my dad along with Ray and his mom. Yeah I was mad only because he just up for no reason but I got over that. Forgive and Forget. That's what I live by.

Ray and I barely get to see our dad now because hes a workaholic, staying at the office past hours all day everyday. I'm guess Ray seen the sadness plastered on my face so he patted my back trying to cheer me up.

"T, don't let him get to you this year."

I started talking, "How," I asked raising my voice a little. "Hes done nothing but making my life hell, Ray."

"Just promise me you'll try to stand up for yourself." He said while holding his pinkie finger out. I looked at him.

"I Promise." I said tangling our pinkies together.

On the way to school we met up with Chresanto and Jayde. Jayde and I go way back and I mean diaper days. Roc, what we call him, and I met when I first moved here. Once we got on school grounds Roc and Ray went their separate ways to the football field as Jayde and I walked into the school. We stopped at my locker first since mine was closest.

"Hey T, mind if I go see Twist?" She asked me looking up from her phone.

Twist was her boyfriend he was cool peoples. I nodded my head no.

"Kay, I'll see you in first hour." She said before skipping down the hall.