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Olivia's Dress

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/AN: Hello my beautiful readers! Like I said in the last update I am going to have 5 mini updates. Enjoy.\

I already have a color in mind and luckily the store is arranged by color. I head over to the blue section. I know I want to wear a long evening gown because it's formal. I've looked online a little and decided that I want royal blue as my main dress color.

I search the racks and pull a few to try on.

In the dressing room it seems that none of them are right. I put my clothes back on and go search the rack for a second time. I go through the same dresses and pray that one will magically appear. I'm near the end of the rack, for the fourth time now, when a tall blonde puts a gown back on the rack. I decide to go and see what it is.

I get over there and pull the dress off the rack. It looks beautiful! It's a strapless evening gown, the top of it is covered in beading. The bottom of it is a royal blue silky material. I try it on.

I run to the dressing room and slip it on. I turn to look in the mirror and my jaw drops, it's beautiful! It hugs my body perfectly and I think Louis will love it! I put my clothes back on and go find the girls, I have to tell them I've found the dress.

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