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"mom, why didn't you wake me up, I'm late" soolyeon says as she gets in the car. Her mom doesn't answer and just drives as fast as she can to school. Soolyeon gets out of the car and runs to her class. As she enters, everyone stares at her.
"ahh... Soolyeon... You finally decided to make it now did you?" her teachers says sarcastically.
"oh... Um... Misse C I didn't mean t-"
"after school, detention. " her teacher cuts her off. "yes miss C" soolyeon says while looking down.
Soolyeon in not like other girls in her school. She always gets detention, like to wear sweats, likes to rap, dresses completely normal for fancy occasions.... All the opposite things the girls in her class do. Except for her and her best friends, Taelee and Reena. They hang out with guys more than girls.
While the teacher was explaining something, Reena asks Soolyeon a question
"why tf were you late.... Again?" she asks
"I woke up late because last night I was watching that horror movie you recommended" she answers
"oh... It's a good movie isn't it?" Reena says while smiling
"yeah it is" Soolyeon smiles back
"girls. Would you like to share something with the class.?" The teacher says while looking at them with a mad look
"uh... No miss C... Sorry" Reena says as she looks back at her books, on her desk.
"good" the teacher says as she turns back around and writes stuff on the board.


It's the end of the day and soolyeon prepares for her detention.
"right in here soolyeon" her teacher says gesturing her hand in front of a door. Soolyeon enters and see's 9 other guys sitting down. (sarcastic) "well this should be fun" she thought to herself as she let out a sigh.
"your hour of fun starts now " her teacher says with a smile.
Soolyeon didn't know what to do. She's surrounded by guys she doesn't know. They all seem to be her age except for one in the corner that looks like he's a grade lower than all of them.
"Jisung-ah, pass me the bottle please" they guy next to her says to another guy. The guy named Jisung sends the bottle hard enough so that it lands on the guys stomach
"watch it" the guy yells at him.
"sorry, it's not supposed to hurt if you're a real man" Jisung says to the guy while laughing.
The guy stands up and heads over to him. He starts hitting him, over and over.
"Changbin, sit yo ass down and leave Jisung alone " another guy says. Changbin heads back to his seat and sits down while glaring at Jisung.
Soolyeon watched the guy named Changbin chug down whatever was in the bottle. It had a red like substance and it seemed a bit thick. "we have anymore?" changbin asked
"we do, but it's for the others " the same guy answers. Changbin lets out a sigh and throws the empty bottle back at Jisung.
"Hyunjin, how long has it been?" One of the guys asked Hyunjin. He wanted to be annoying so he didn't answer.
"I asked you a question, answer"
The guy says again. Hyunjin stays quiet and just smiles.
"DUDE" the guy yells.
"it's been 10 minutes " soolyeon says quietly. Everyone looked at her.
A guy stands up and heads over to her. She looks up at him. "uhh.... Hey" he says. "h-hi" soolyeon says as she looks down. "oh, you don't have to be shy we don't bi-" "we're nice people " the guy gets cut off by Jisung who's staring at him. The guy turns around and realizes... "oh... Yeah, we're nice people" he says. Soolyeon looks up.
Soolyeon could be tough at times, but she's mostly shy when she meets new people. "My names Chan" the guy says as he holds his hand out to her
"ah... My names Soolyeon " she says shaking his hand.
"behind me are, Jisung, Changbin, Hyunjin, Minho, Felix, Seungmin, Woojin and in the corner is Jeongin... He doesn't like being here" Chan introduces all of his friends to her
"oh... It's nice to meet you all" she says shyly.
"tell me, what's a nice girl like you doing in detention?" Changbin asks
"oh... I got to class late " she says
"ohh.. " they all say. "why are you all here?" she asks with concern..
Jisung and Changbin laugh nervously while the others glare at them.
"oh... Is it too personal. Okay, sorry" she says
"no, it's not that, we're just waiting for these two dumb asses to tell you " Chan says looking mad
"it wasn't really our fault " Jisung says
"yes it was" Hyunjin, Felix and Minho say
"yeah okay... It was. But it was more Changbin-hyung than me" Jisung says pointing at Changbin. Changbin glares at Jisung. "just tell her what happened" he says
"so me and Changbin-hyung got mad at some guys and we decided to prank them and we persuaded the rest of these guys to help us..... The only problem is that it backfired" Jisung says. Everyone glares at Changbin and Jisung and they just look down.
"I don't even want to know what prank it was" soolyeon says while laughing. Everyone started laughing except for Jeongin. He seemed quite shy.
"Jeongin-ah, why are you there alone?" Jisung asks
"you know how much I hate being in here " Jeongin says while resting his head on the desk.
"hyunjin? How long has it been now?" minho asked again
"uh... Oh... It's been 40 minutes already... Wow" Hyunjin answers happily.


After detention, everyone heads home. "heh, they're nice" soolyeon tells herself as she walks home. "I wonder how long they know eachother" she says to herself
As she gets home, she decides to play some games with her little brother whom she missed all day. After a while she gets tired and goes straight to bed so she can at least wake up on time tomorrow. As she gets in bed, her mom comes in and tells her goodnight. As much as soolyeon found it cringey for her mom to tell her goodnight every night, she still liked it.

Well that was short as fuck haha, sorry. I suck at writing stories lmao. This whole story is probably going to suck ass, but I don't care because I'm having fun writing it. Hope you enjoyed part 1.

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